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Madonna – Music (2000)

December 20, 2018

[Album 624/1001]

Do you have a namesake song?

Our former principal shared her first name with a Neil Diamond sing-a-long.

When I asked her (as I inevitably ask anyone named Roxanne/Cecilia/Rhiannon…) what she thought of her namesake song, she delivered an absolutely perfect answer that redefined diplomacy:

“I like the way it makes other people feel”


I quite like the way late 80s/early 90s Madonna makes me feel.220px-Music_Madonna

Vogue? Express Yourself? This Used to Be My Playground?

I’ll let my body move to that music any day, I even have a Vogue 45!

Madonna from around the turn of the century?

Individually, I feel next to nothing when listening to Music.

Each mild irritation (why is she trying to communicate with the disc jockey through song? it’s improbable he’ll be able to fulfil her Music request!) is counter-balanced by a moment where I was mildly impressed (acoustic songs like I Deserve It sound like eventual Nelly Furtado tracks, well done anticipating yet another musical trend Ms. Ciccone!).

So if I were choosing an album to enjoy independently, this might not be my first choice.

Though perhaps this album was never meant to be enjoyed independently…



In the clip above, it looks like the participants are having the time of their lives.

The host (Ru Paul) is singing along, a judge (Michelle Visage) is happily dancing along, and the contestant (Peppermint) is delivering the best lip sync that I think I’ve seen.

Although Music may not change the world for me, I really like the way it makes other people feel.

Especially because in this case, that on-screen joy was contagious.

It appears that Y2K Madonna is my Sweet Caroline.

Music makes the people come together, indeed.


Verbalize the Positive

A few weeks ago, the school played Sweet Caroline as the getting to class music – I’m always impressed by the students who add the ‘so good, so good” when singing along with the chorus!

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  1. I don’t have a namesake song Geoff but back in 94 David Gogo a fantastic Blues guitarist played Tbay and I already had his CD so after the show as he was signing stuff and asked me what my name was I told him Derek in which David replied with a ‘Derek and the Dominos” Yup u got it I told him…
    Namesake band I suppose?

  2. jprobichaud permalink

    Not her best work.

    As for namesake song, there was the DeBarge song from the 80s “Who’s Johnny?”, also a 90s band whose name is escaping me at the moment did one called “Beautiful John”.

    • jprobichaud permalink

      Ha! Just remembered the name: Madder Rose.

    • And I suppose if you go with a nickname, Johnny B Goode could be considered namesake material too!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        It could indeed! So could FYC’s Johnny come home.

  3. True music does makes the people come together. Infact it crosses the barriers of cultures and geography!

  4. I have a namesake character…Jon Snow from Game of Thrones…does that count??

  5. D’ya know, Geoff, I’ve never listened to a Madonna album (and I don’t thing that will change any time soon), but your post made me feel good, so I suppose we can give Ms Ciccone credit by default?

    • The lyric in the chorus of the title track is, “Music makes the people come together” – so even if it’s not actually listening to the music, we still came together to discuss the music and feel good about it, so I think credit to Madonna is well placed!

  6. PS. There was an awful novelty song in the early sixties (before even my time) that had ‘along came Bruce’ as a refrain, or something like that. Hated it. Much preferred the Monty Python ‘University of Wooloomooloo’ Bruces sketch. (Though I did get rather tired of it in the seventies).

    • It’s probably for the best I haven’t heard along came a Bruce then – and though not a song, I did enjoy the shark in Finding Nemo saying “here’s Bruce-eeee” a la Jack Nicholson!

  7. Don’t think I have a namesake song? Not coming to mind, anyway.

    Good on ya for covering this. I didn’t follow Madonna out of the 80s. Guess I’m too old haha.

    • You’ve definitely got a namesake skit (the Key & Peele substitute teacher sketch where he pronounces the name A-A-Ron) – most Aarons I’ve spoken with find it somewhere between amusing and the bane of their existence!

  8. My Bloody Valentine has a song called “Kevin Song”. It not my cup of tea.

    • Manic Street Preachers have a good one named Kevin Carter – I would file it neatly under my cuppa!

  9. Well, no songs about Sarca, but a few about Sarah. Though most without the “H”…
    Sara by Jefferson Starship is probably the best known song.
    Sara by Fleetwood Mac is probably my favourite one. “Said Sara, you’re the poet in my heart. Never change, never stop…”
    The Sundays also have a Sarah lyric in their sad song On Earth: “Sarah, you live and you learn you’re invisible.”

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