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Machito – Kenya (1957)

December 18, 2018

[Album 623/1001]

“(We) Just happen to have a slam bang finish, Sir”
– Bing Crosby, from the film, White Christmas

There’s nothing better, to modify a Bing-ism, than a slam bang instrumental finish.

In my books, to qualify as an official slam bang finish, frantic percussion helps, but isn’t mandatory.R-3303776-1425355852-2602.jpeg

Yet if there’s a big, bold, brass note played to end the song, it counts.

For example, the end of the Naked Gun theme, ridiculously loud trumpets hitting an outrageously high note.

And I was delighted to hear Machito choose to end so many songs in that manner.

When I saw a pattern starting to develop on Kenya, I was curious if he’d go 12 for 12.

He didn’t quite make it (the trumpets found their mutes on a pair of tracks) but I was impressed he still managed to hit double digits!


Untitled presentation (17)


50s done


And with review #23 in the books, I’m officially done with the albums that I simply must hear from the 1950s.

Though this album felt like an appropriate choice to wrap up the decade (with plenty of high notes), I wouldn’t say the milestone itself feels like a slam bang finish.

Considering it’s a mere 2.3% of the 1001 list, maybe I should keep any ‘finished the 50s’ celebrations somewhat modest!

Perhaps postpone the parade for now?

But it’s got me thinking about how I’ll be feeling when I finish the other decades.

A sense of accomplishment?

A feeling of, now what?

To borrow an R.E.M. tune, Bittersweet me?

Probably a bit of all of the above.

For now however, I like the feeling of having one decade down & I’m grateful to have explored 23 new-to-me albums.


Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to my friend/Pride of Thunder Bay/Super Deke for highlighting fellow bloggers during December in his Greatest Guest Posts series!

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  1. Well done on completing the 1950s!

  2. 100% always looks good, doesn’t it Teach?

  3. Thanks for the props Mr Stephen!

  4. Neato way to rap up the 50’s, Daddy-O.

  5. Here’s to seconding the shout out to brother Deke for his fine work sharing the work of the Community!

  6. Congrats on finishing a decade! As for how you’ll feel when you get it all done? I’d say fulfilled. This is a HUGE undertaking.

    As for what next, man, there are other editions of the book by now, surely there are changes you could cover! haha then again you could just free yourself to talk about whatever. Or just read and enjoy others’ fine work!

    • Much appreciated Aaron – and by 2021, I’ll be caught up to 2005, so I suppose I’ll be down to only being 16 years behind!

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