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Supertramp – Crime of the Century (1974)

December 4, 2018

[Album 622/1001]

I didn’t think I liked Supertramp.

It turns out, I’m just not too jazzed about their radio hits.

For example, Crime of the Century‘s side two opener, Dreamer.

A radio favourite for many, for others…less so.

But much to my pleasant surprise, there were many pleasant surprises buried among the album tracks.

The singles enjoyment vs. album tracks enjoyment matrix to explain!




Everyone strives for quadrant #1, a precious few are successful.

Quadrant #2 is considerably more populated, though few would be ecstatic to receive the ‘some killer, mostly filler’ designation. Supertramp_-_Crime_of_the_Century

Quadrant #3 albums…there are probably some that jump to mind & there’s a similarly high probability that they didn’t remain in the rotation very long!

Although I can’t think of too many albums that would be in the 4th quadrant with Supertramp.

Perhaps it’s because if the singles were a deterrent, I likely wouldn’t bother checking out the album?

I’ll still likely skip by the Supertramp radio hits when scanning in the car.

But if I come across more of their albums at a reasonable price?

I reckon I’ll find something that I’ll highly enjoy among the album tracks.


Verbalize the Positive

My enjoyment level is very high when Supertramp hits are covered/modified by Michael Scott!

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  1. Another lovely graphic.

    I”m somewhat ambivalent about Supertramp, myself. I think it might be for much the same reason as you, Geoff. For instance, I’m fond of ‘Even in the quietest moments’ – probably my go-to Supertramp album – but don’t really care for lead single ‘Give a little bit’. Not exactly case closed, but another bit of data!

  2. I’m very fond of their Breakfast in America album, but I don’t know this one (it’s been recommended to me. It joins the expanding list.

    • That this never really seems to shrink either – I suppose plenty of music worth investigating is a good problem though!

  3. I have never knowingly heard a note, but that doesn’t stop me thinking they’re too bland.

    • Bland was the adjective I heard through their singles. Fortunately, the album tracks are more interesting/stimulating/whatever the appropriate antonym is for bland!

  4. I pretty much agree with that – I’ve always been ambivalent about their radio hits, but I like that record. There are a few artists where their hits are the albums’ weak point – like the record company has instructed them to “write a hit”. Joni Mitchell’s ‘You Turn Me On I’m A Radio’ sounds like she was instructed to go away and write a hit single to complete the album.

    • That’s a great way of putting it – sounding like it was completed upon the label’s request for a hit, rather than it being an inherently good tune!

  5. Guess that’s why I’m always partial to those end of the album tracks that I call ‘GEMS’ as they are not made for radio and why they are put and pushed to the back is anybody’s guess!

    • I remember you call them Gems, Deke! And that they are, with the hip’s last of the unplucked gems, fittingly, being one of the finest examples!

      • That Hip song is so appropriately named if there ever was one for the end of an album isn’t it Geoff!? Gem Indeed!

  6. I like an album that has more to offer than just the hits, which was also the case when I explored Bowie’s 1970s LPs. I’ll try and get to Crime of The Century when there’s time!

  7. Never could get into them. I suppose I don’t find anything super about these tramps.

  8. wdeod permalink

    Back in UK the 1970s, when I was at school, between 10 and 12 in the morning the BBC broadcast ‘school’s programmes’. They would often used contemporary music as their theme tunes. The keyboard part from Supertramp’s ‘School’ and Focus’ ‘House of the King’ were our favourites.
    That was of course if the clever sod didn’t manage to change channels on the TV before the teacher noticed.

  9. I dislike the singles so much, I applaud your bravery in attempting the album cuts. Glad you liked it!

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