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Jack Elliott – Jack Takes the Floor (1958)

November 29, 2018

[Album 621/1001]

“Even Woody would say, ‘Jack sounds more like me than I do.'”
– Jack Elliott, in an interview with the Globe & Mail

With the exception of one track (which according to Wikipedia, features Woody Guthrie), Jack Takes the Floor is a one-man show.

But did that one track (New York Town) actually feature Woody Guthrie?

Or was it Ramblin’ Jack doing a Woody impersonation?

Sounding more like Woody than Woody does?!

Not being terribly familiar with Elliott (outside of the Globe & Mail interview) or Guthrie (outside of the terrific Mermaid Avenue), I’m not sure.

I loaned my copy of the 1001 book out years ago (and I have struggled to find a definitive answer on the world wide web) but it appears that Jack may be providing both voices in the “duet” below!



There’s something refreshing about minimal instrumentation, just vocals & guitar, especially when it sounds live off the floor with minimal overdubs.220px-Jack_Takes_the_Floor

I gather the “Ramblin” nickname is due to his tendency to tell stories in a rather inefficient manner.

Though with 13 tunes in 31 minutes, often propelled by some fast finger-picking, there was no such inefficiency here.

In any event, if Bob Dylan calls you “The King of the Folksingers,” you’re doing something right.


Verbalize the Positive

Whenever possible, I quite enjoy sitting down with a Saturday Globe & Mail!

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  1. I know the name, but that’s all. Knowledge over.

  2. I only know bits and pieces, but I like what I’ve heard and I’ll not argue about him being King of the Folksingers.

    • And my knowledge is limited to this album & article – Dylan seems like a reliable source though!

  3. Isn’t old sheet music attractive? Perhaps I should begin collecting it.
    Or perhaps not.

    • Agreed about the attractiveness – and as we’re trying to de-clutter these days, I’ll vote perhaps not!

  4. “There’s something refreshing about minimal instrumentation, just vocals & guitar, especially when it sounds live off the floor with minimal overdubs.”


    • I’m pleased you agree Aaron – and I’m quite pleased to see so many Aaron comments, thank you for taking the time to read so many posts!

      • No worries Dude! I’m trying to get caught up. I thought to go through the Reader, but then I thought it’d be better to just deep-dive one blog at a time. At random, you were forst!

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