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The Specials – More Specials (1980)

November 16, 2018

[Album 619/1001]

Almost six years ago, I reviewed the self-titled debut album by The Specials.

Since then, I’ve been curious about their other 1001-listed album, named More Specials.

How is it “more” special?

In quantity?

In quality?

Well, I spared no expense (borrowed 2 CDs) in my quest for answers.

The results are below:
















Verbalize the Positive

Cheers Jeff for sharing your Specials CDs!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    I prefer the debut myself but do enjoy ‘Enjoy yourself’. Hee hee

  2. You’re on one of the 1001 mysteries here, Geoff. I like the debut and can see why it’s in the book, but for the life of me I cannot understand the presence of More Specials (with its mix of warm-hearted but unenlightening cultural appropriations and more-of-the-same ska). I’m afraid the ‘enjoyment’ bar would be (statistically) significantly lower for More for me.

    None of that diminished my enjoyment of your graphs, however. Splendid.

    • My thanks Bruce!
      You’ve got me thinking now, that would be fun at some point to invite everyone to submit an ‘enjoyment score /100’ for a given album (or better yet, like in this case, an album and its follow-up) and chart the results!

  3. I love this one, it doesn’t have the steel of the first LP but it is a great listen.

    Like Bruce though, I’m a bit baffled by it being in the 1001 when everything Fu Manchu have ever done isn’t. It’s the sort of thing that the UN should be sorting out in my opinion.

    • I would support such an international endeavour!
      I suppose the second album’s inclusion is curious as to my ears, it’s not radically different from the first album.
      With some artists (like Bowie), each album was so different, several simply had to be included as the diversity within the catalogue was so noteworthy.
      So if it’s just more of the same (as this one appears to be), maybe room will be made in future editions of the book. I’m glad it made the cut here though, otherwise I likely wouldn’t have explored!

      • The problem is, i think, they have to space the selections out. So to avoid having 943 entries from 1979 they chuck More Specials in too.

        Enjoy Yourself is truly great though.

  4. I don’t really know either album. I like all the songs I’ve heard of theirs, though.

    I’ll pencil this into the list alongside the first album as one to grab.

    • Apart from Enjoy Yourself & a James Bond referencing tune, this second album didn’t have as many standout tracks – but if you ask me, it’s worth pencil-ing in alongside the first album!

  5. It’s very satisfying to see that last bar graph! And I love these graphical, in the non-comic-book sense, narratives!

  6. All hail the Chart Master! And all hail the Specals!

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