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Skunk Anansie – Post Orgasmic Chill (1999)

July 3, 2018

[Album 606/1001]

Confession: I can’t really smell skunk.

When driving in an area where a skunk has recently sprayed, my family will be gagging, observing the pungent skunk smells and…I’m oblivious.

Which I suppose is both a blessing and a curse:

a) People don’t seem to care for the smell & I don’t notice it, yay!

b) But if I ever get sprayed, I still won’t notice it…

Apparently, if the internet isn’t fibbing, I may have specific anosmia, where 1 in 1000 people lack the ability to detect skunk spray.

So, encouraging to read that while it’s not a huge club, I’m not alone.

Or to borrow a Tobias Fünke line, there’s nothing wrong with it, there are dozens of us, dozens!



When I played the opening track, I was concerned that specific anosmia would hinder my ability to appreciate Skunk Anansie.

Charlie Big Potato sounded like an eventual Evanescence movie soundtrack song from the turn of the century: I understand why people make a fuss over it, but I lack the receptor neurons to enjoy it for myself.220px-Post_Orgasmic_Chill

However, as the album went on, whatever blockages were preventing me from enjoyment cleared.

In large part, due to the powerful performance by the lead vocalist, Skin.

She has the dynamic range & the ability to be equally effective regardless of a song’s tempo or pitch (the soaring chorus in Lately was a particular highlight).

She sounds like a formidable front-woman & if her vocals here are any indication, I imagine she would be a compelling presence on stage.

And she also played theremin & vibraphone on the record?

A triple-threat!


Verbalize the Positive

I admire these albums that don’t reel me in right away but then win me over in the end!

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  1. I had the first two albums and even saw them live (you’re right about Skin, she’s quite the presence on stage), but they’d dropped off my radar by the time this came along. I’m genuinely surprised this is on the 1001…

    … also, I’m fairly certain i suffer from anosmia in hayfever season!!

    • I’m in fine seasonal anosmia company then J!

      The 1001 list is a funny thing, there tends to be a bias towards debuts & comeback records.

      Though this is their 3rd studio – I gather it was a change to a harder sound, so perhaps that’s another area the list rewards, the band sound re-defining records!

      • I believe this was a change in direction… though I would suspect there are much more deserving albums out there.

  2. I love theremin even more than I love the word anosmia!

    • Haha, that makes two of us!
      I’m also quite partial to the vibraphone, so I’m pleased the singer has that instrument covered too 😀

  3. I’ve never smelled an actual skunk but I’m pretty sure I’m immune to this band.

    • I was unaware of their existence prior to the list, I’m guessing they were bigger in the UK.
      And I’m not sure if they’ll leave a lingering scent for me either!

  4. HEY!
    Someone must be on Summer Holidays as these posts are coming in at all hours!

    Fender got sprayed by a skunk last year when I was on holidays and by the time we got him into the house and tub…the house stank BIG TIME!
    Course it happened at midnight…in our fenced backyard…so when he got sprayed we couldn’t even open out windows as the skunk smell was everywhere…
    I think we went to bed at 3 am that night as it cooled off enough outside so we could open our windows and the smell of skunk was gone by than….

    Update- just last week during the night I heard Fender moaning in his kennel in our bedroom. He never says a peep during the night…at first I ignored him than a few minutes later again he made a bit of a bark..


    We had our bedroom window open and yup a skunk sprayed outside somewhere…

    So I closed the window ..and we all one went back to sleep…

    Don’t call him Wonder Dog for Nuthin!

    • Haha, you can definitely tell school’s out if there’s more blogging happening!
      And he really is a Wonder Dog – I’m pleased he was able to signal the skunk spray this week (and not get sprayed again), I wouldn’t have been much help detecting that!

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    That’s interesting that you cannot smell skunk. That’s an ‘ailment’ I wish I suffered from. I’ve never been sprayed myself but have had several run-ins. And though I am aware of Skunk Anansie, I’ve never had any run-ins with them. Worth a go?

    • A run-in with these folks would likely be much preferred to one with an actual moufette!
      I think my lasting impression will be of the lead singer, even if the music’s not always my cuppa, she was impressive

  6. It’s time for gifts! I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award, here:
    There’s no obligation at all so if you’re unable to participate please accept this gesture of appreciation and hope that new readers discover your blog. 🙂

  7. I’ve never cared for the LPs much but they were always worth seeing live. Skin was and is a very cool front person.

    • I was thinking that I likely wouldn’t delve too much deeper into the discography – but I think if they end up touring around these parts, I’ll check it out!

  8. I think I owned this one back in the day, but if I did, I haven’t heard it in years. I became aware of the band after Selling Jesus, one of my favourite rock-outs of the period, complete with unholy rant!

  9. Can’t smell skunk? Interesting. Nice Arrested Development reference!

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