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Lloyd Cole and the Commotions – Rattlesnakes (1984)

March 29, 2018

[Album 602/1001]

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous that I’d have some buyer’s remorse here.

I’d spent $10 on the LP (relatively high by my standards for 1001-list albums), based purely on recognizing the name from the list, having no memory of the group/album beyond that.

Unable to shut off my ‘average cost’ voice, I feared I may only end up doing the requisite pair of listens, essentially paying $5/spin, an unappetizing return on investment to say the least.

Fortunately, it didn’t take Lloyd Cole and the Commotions very long to convince me that my fears were misguided.




Have you ever given an Elevator Pitch?

The idea is to describe the essence of your product/service to a potential investor, as persuasively as possible, in as little time as possible (the duration of an elevator/lift/vertical transportation ride).

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in a situation where I’m the one making the efficient sales pitch; though when I listened to Perfect Skin, the opening track on Rattlesnakes, I felt like they were trying to succinctly demonstrate why I should be thrilled with my investment.


(elevator doors close)

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions: OK, picture this – jangling acoustic/electric-guitar driven pop, vocals (and music for that matter) remeniscent of eventual recordings by The Airborne Toxic Event, more syllables than you’d expect would fit…oh and there’s a lyric, “She’s got cheekbones like geometry”

Geoff: You had me at geometry.

(awkward silence until elevator doors re-open)


Though the math similes may have gotten my attention, the rest of the record is equally up my street.Rattlesnakes

And based on my recent listening, it appears ‘my street’ is looking increasingly like ‘well-crafted pop, by 80s bands, formed in cities with fabulous demonyms’ such as,

a) those Mancunians in the Smiths

b) those Leodensians in Scritti Politti

c) these Glaswegians in Lloyd Cole & The Commotions

Welcome to the neighbourhood, Lloyd & Co.!


Verbalize the Positive

I quite like these initially uncertain purchases that end up significantly exceeding expectations!


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  1. I’m pretty sure I like this one – I generally enjoy 1980s, literate, guitar-oriented college rock.

  2. She also had a nose like an isosceles triangle, but no-one mentions that.

    (Did you get my email about Nilsson, Geoff?)

  3. I love this one, 2CV and Perfect Skin (a one note guitar solo!!) are all-time faves for me.

    • I was impressed with how consistent the quality was front-to-back – and I’m always appreciative when I can actually play along with a guitar solo!

  4. Oh! I still haven’t heard this one. I have Easy Pieces, but I couldn’t even tell you if I like it or not. Time to pull it from the shelf, methinks.

    • Methinks that if Easy Pieces is anything like the debut, that’s a fine idea J!

      • I’ll give it a spin tonight or tomorrow and report back, Geoff!

  5. You took the chance and it paid off, Geoff. Right on! I don’t know if I know these people, but now the name is stuck in my head for later name recognition as well!

    • I was fortunate with Lloyd Cole here – normally $10 is out of my budget for these 1001 album purchases. But this one worked out swimmingly!

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