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Bobby Womack – The Poet (1981)

March 22, 2018

[Album 601/1001]


The surname sounded so familiar.

Then I realized where I’d heard it – from the often imitated (but never quite duplicated) Sean Connery in The Rock!

“Womack! Why am I not surprised, you piece of…”


Now I have no intentions of calling Bobby Womack such unflattering names.

But I was surprised to learn a couple of things when listening to/reading about The Poet:

a) He’s a southpaw.

Perhaps because I’ve tried (and at best, visibly/audibly struggled at) playing guitar left-handed, I remain fascinated by southpaw players.

b) The Poet is his 13th studio album.

I had previously thought Fleetwood Mac might win the ‘late bloomer’ award (by appearing on the list for the first time with their studio album #11), it looks like Bobby might pick up the prize with his 1001 list debut at lucky album #13.Bobby_Womack_-_The_Poet

c) There’s a harp featured in Just My Imagination, the toe-tappin’ Stand Up feels like a blueprint for the Morris Day & The Time tunes from Purple Rain…sold!

Perhaps I’m easily pleased.

And distracted.

Despite the album being named ‘The Poet,’ I struggled to pay much attention to the lyrics, so I can’t comment on how poetic they may or may not be.

However, there are no shortage of pleasing grooves & vocal harmonies along the way.

I imagine I’ll revisit The Poet at some point.

And when I do see this Mr. Womack again, I’m fairly certain I’ll be much more cordial than Mr. Connery!


Verbalize the Positive

Here’s to artists whose career peaks arrive so late in their careers!

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  1. I see Bobby Womack, I hit Like! I haven’t heard this album in full, but if it made the List, it oughta be on my list!

  2. In my best Connery imitation..

    “Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome To The ROCK!”

  3. I’m entirely certain you would be polite and courteous, Geoff. Even if you were incarcerated.

    • I imagine you’re right Bruce – though I don’t know if politeness would be an asset behind bars!

  4. Zack permalink

    I wonder if he’s related to LeAnn Womack?

  5. I don’t really know an awfy lot of Bobby Womack’s. He obviously has one of my favourite tunes ever (you know the one), but I can’t say I’ve ever heard much in the way of albums. I do, however, have The Bravest Man In The Universe, which is exceptional times.

    • And I just looked it up – that’s 2012 (studio album #27!) – so Bobby seems to be one of those artists that got better with age!

  6. I laughed way more than I should have at that Sean Connery clip.

    • One can never laugh too much at a good Sean Connery clip (or a SNL Darrell Hammond version of Sean Connery clip)!

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