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Prefab Sprout – Steve McQueen/Two Wheels Good (1985)

March 13, 2018

[Album 599/1001]

Have you read the young adult novel, Eleanor & Park?

Although I may be part of a slightly older demographic than ‘young adult,’ I really enjoyed the book.

The musical references likely didn’t hurt; I was delighted to see the titular characters praise The Smiths & The Cure (but was somewhat aghast when they dissed my beloved Bryan Adams)!

And although the book was likely strong on its own, I have a feeling it also benefited from felicitous timing.

What have I been listening to lately? Prefab Sprout.

What T-shirt was the character, Park, wearing at one point? Prefab Sprout.

I reckon that such a well-timed name-check enhanced my enjoyment of both the album and the book (simultaneously no less) by a minimum of 20%!





Felicitously-timed name-checks aside, from the opening notes of Two Wheels Good, I was fairly certain that this album would be right up my street.

British pop band from the mid-80s?

Featuring a keyboard player named Wendy?

A track named Lucille #1 (that immediately made me smile, thinking about the 220px-Stevemcqueennumbered Lucilles from Arrested Development)?

A legal conflict resulting in a name change (in this case, the album name) from Steve McQueen to Two Wheels Good?

With toe-tappin’ side A pop tracks (Bonny and Appetite) and a jazzier side B?

An $8 sticker price that was 50% off?

Several other rhetorical questions, to further illustrate that I’m likely the precise target market for this record?!


Verbalize the Positive

Here’s to books that you know you’re going to like within the first few paragraphs & to albums you know you’re going to dig within the first few notes!

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  1. Nice to hear about the book/music serendipity. Is this your first Prefab Sprout album or were you already a fan? Their discography is a wonderful thing to explore so if you haven’t already done so, happy listening. 😀

    • Thanks Rich – this was my first Prefab experience. But based on the strength of this one & on your recommendation, I think it will be far from my last!

  2. I love this album. It’s a shame the list doesn’t include 1990’s Jordan: The Comeback as well.

  3. Cool throwback looking cover….Interesting read as I never heard of these guys….

    • Cheers Deke -I thought of you this morning when I was listening to another good album with a vehicle on the cover (Oasis’s Be Here Now)!

      • Nice!
        Be Here Now is a classic round these parts. Its a shame Oasis dropped the ball with the deluxe edition of Be Here Now. A shame really I wish they would have included a live show from that era of the band but nope…
        Oh well …

      • And the b-sides from that era, so many gems!

  4. A band I’ve not yet gotten around to really listening to. Sounds like I should find some time to give this one a listen, eh?

  5. A fine haul of tunes and rhetorical questions, Geoff!

    • Much appreciated Bruce – I think some albums can leave the listener more questions than answers.
      Here, by their rhetorical nature, the questions required no answers!

  6. “Here’s to books that you know you’re going to like within the first few paragraphs & to albums you know you’re going to dig within the first few notes”


  7. Another one I know by name but am pretty sure I don’t know too many songs. Will investigate. Thanks!

    • I remember our friend 1537 said his son bought his first record recently – and it was this LP. A good foundation for a collection!

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