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Massive Attack – Protection (1994)

February 24, 2018

[Album 598/1001]

This afternoon, I’ll be picking up some ingredients for one of my favourite slow-cooker recipes: Coconut Curry Chicken.

Spoiler alert, it’s delicious.

I think there are a few reasons it works so well.

a) We don’t prepare it all that often, it’s a nice change of pace

b) There is an extraordinary mix of savoury & sweet in the coconut curry concoction (garlic/coconut/granny smith apple/curry powder…)

c) The chicken is served on a bed of basmati rice. The rice is perhaps unremarkable on its own, but an essential pairing with the slow cooker creation.

And I’m not allergic to anything in the dish, bonus!


coconut curry chicken



Now for the inevitable (and in this case, precariously multi-layered) metaphor:

a) Tracey Thorn (from Everything But the Girl) appears on tracks 1 & 6.

When she sings, it’s as divine as walking through the front door to the aroma of coconut curry chicken in the slow cooker.

Much like with any curry dish, I wasn’t interested as a teen, but now I’m a huge fan.


b) When Tracey is not singing…I’m not necessarily allergic to what I’m hearing.

Though it feels like something’s missing, akin to eating Basmati rice on its own.

Which my middle daughter would enjoy all day without complaint.

But I prefer the a) and b) pairing, or when in doubt, pick c)…


massive attack

c) Tracey Thorn + Massive Attack = Coconut Curry Chicken on a bed of Basmati rice

Sounds deelish!


Verbalize the Positive

A tip of the hat to the ‘300 Slow Cooker Favorites’ book – we haven’t made it through all 300 recipes, but they are batting 1000 so far!

From → 1990s

  1. If only there was a way to graphically demonstrate the reaction of adding Tracey Thorn to the mix.

    I have to experiment with curry. I would assume with age I would enjoy it more now.
    If only there was a way to get this recipe.

  2. Sarah just picked up that Tracey Thorn album for $1 last weekend.

  3. I’m listening to Walking Wounded right now. Very subtle. I like it!

    • Subtle is a good word for it – I preferred their 1988 album on the list (it was more smiths-y than electronica) but I love her voice either way!

  4. BTW, that coconut curry is intriguing. I’m cooking dried beans in the Instant Pot (trying out a recipe).

  5. Jordan Richardson permalink

    You had me at coconut curry.

    • Ingredients purchased, I’ll have to report back on how the coconut curry turns out!
      Hope your 2018’s off to a good start Jordan

  6. Great post. I love me some curry And I love me some Massive Attack

    • Cheers Steve – I imagine curry & massive attack (especially when featuring Tracey) would pair quite nicely at a dinner!

  7. I like Elizabeth Fraser on Mezzanine too.

  8. Really looking forward to Metallica and and extended basket weaving metaphor (with pictures).

    • Haha Bruce – I still do have to catch up on Metallica’s artist of the week feature from last year, so an illustrated basket weaving metaphor may be the way to go!

  9. You heathen!

    • I’m optimistic The recipe (and hopefully metaphor) would still work without the poultry ingredients!

  10. I love Massive Attack. This one and Mezzanine, oh man. Maybe Mezzanine even more, actually… But yes. Massive Attack!

    Also, coconut curry chicken, you’d have to make a triple batch with me around. To make sure there was any left for others!

  11. A Granny Smith Apple, eh? That’s an intriguing ingredient… certainly not one I’d think to add to such a dish.

    As for the album, I can’t say I’ve ever heard it. I know Mezzanine very well, but not this one.

    • And it was a deelish addition!
      I’m looking forward to mezzanine, I’m not familiar with it yet, but everyone I’ve spoken to seems to be quite fond of it

      • Mezzanine is really pretty great… I like it a whole lot, thought didn’t lead me to their other stuff.

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