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The Only Ones – The Only Ones (1978)

February 6, 2018

[Album 596/1001]

Ever heard the tune, Another Girl, Another Planet?

I had always assumed it was a Libertines track, a good track at that220px-Only_Ones_-_The_Only_Ones_album_cover.

I recently learned that it was actually a cover, originally written and performed by The Only Ones.

And after listening to the debut album by The Only Ones, it’s clear that they were an influence on Pete Doherty & co.

The question is, how does the influencer (The Only Ones) compare to the group that they influenced?

Or to make up a word for the purpose of this post, the influencee (The Libertines)?




In this case, if viewed objectively, it’s possible that Scenario 1 (The Libertines pale in comparison to The Only Ones) might apply.

But for me, given that The Libertines (and off-shoots Babyshambles/Dirty Pretty Things for that matter) are among my favourite bands of the 2000s, I don’t see it.

However, I’m also not so hopelessly devoted to any of those groups (nor in any sort of denial about the quality of this record) to say that The Only Ones has/have no business being in the same conversation.

Thus making Scenario 3 (The Libertines outplay The Only Ones) equally implausible.

Which means, by process of elimination, the most likely explanation is that the influencer and the influencee are approximate musical equals.

And I imagine neither group would be too disappointed by that outcome.


Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to Steve for the Deaf for reminding me of the tune & teaching me about its origins!

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  1. I only know Another Girl…. should really check out the album sometime. Big influence on The Replacements too I think.

    • And I haven’t got to the replacements yet (they’ve got one on the list) – I reckon I’ll like them too!

      • I think the 1001 album is Let It Be? It has a pretty unique mix of silliness (‘Gary’s Got A Boner’) and heart-on-sleeve writing (‘Sixteen Blue’).

  2. I’m a bit of a Libertines fan and I had no idea they ever covered this. So it goes around. Thanks for brining that to my attention.


  3. The Only Ones are new to me. Just listened to Another Girl, Another Planet. Really good song!

  4. Pretty sure I have this one on LP, somewhere in the Man Cave… your review reminds me I need to play it!

    It would be fun to take you chart and get folks to give examples of influencer better than infulencee, on par, and influencee better than influencer. That’d be a great discussion!

    • Oooo – I’d be keen to participate in that discussion!
      I’d imagine it’s more common for the influencer to be better than most influencees, but when it’s the other way around, those bands are likely standouts!

      • In Weezer’s ‘heart songs’ – Rivers sings about Nevermind being a key point in his musical education. Though I like Nirvana, those first couple weezer albums are perfection in my books!

  5. I don’t know this one, but I’ll take a wee saunter into the world of music streaming and check out what I’m missing.

  6. WHAT?!!!! You take that back! The OOs are amazing, the original ‘Another Girl’ is much subtler and nuanced than the heavy-handed cover version by that bunch of other idiots!

    I once wooed a ladyfriend to the sound of the Only Ones, it’s a good all around LP too. The twin evils of heroin and over-production did for the band in the end.

    • Those twin evils are doozies – and cumulatively, almost as evil as suggesting The OOs weren’t superior to That other group!

  7. The Only Ones were close to being the real deal in the UK. The first 30 seconds to “Another Girl, Another Planet” is still blistering, and I often dreamt that if I had a radio show it would be a great way of kicking it off.

    • Geoff I think that would be a fine way to kick off a show – I’d be keen to hear a program that has that as the intro!

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