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Turbonegro – Apocalypse Dudes (1998)

February 3, 2018

[Album 595/1001]

You know how reliable newspapers print corrections when they make a mistake?

I suppose adequate* blogs ought to do the same: when I investigated the possible correlation between Nordic Country albums & hockey players last year, I incorrectly omitted Turbonegro from Norway’s tally.

I hope they’ll find this belated correction to be an adequate apology!


Nordic Country Stats3

Thanks for your understanding Turbonegro!


If I’d heard this a few months ago, I would have likely thought it was a delightfully original take on Glam rock.

However, my memory of The Dictators’ Go Girl Crazy! is still quite fresh, and as a result, Apocalypse Dudes doesn’t feel so original.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a delightful listen.220px-Turbonegro-ApocalypseDudes

I think there’s plenty of room for one more band that glams things up with a bit of sense of humour.

Fittingly, the 10th track here is named, Are You Ready (For Some Darkness).

To answer the question, I’m ready for a group that picked up the relay baton from The Dictators and helped keep the glam fun alive until The Darkness arrived in the early 2000s.

Or as a visual of the musical transfer from The Dictators through Turbonegro to The Darkness:


Glam Rock Relay



Verbalize the Positive

*The Newsradio scene below, with a pair of fine Canadian comedians (Phil Hartman & Dave Foley), looks at the adjective ‘adequate’ in a fun way!

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  1. I like to the relay!

  2. I wonder who the fourth member of the relay team will be?!

    • Haha – I forgot the relay team needs an anchor to run the last leg!
      I’ll be curious who the baton gets passed to next 😀

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    Go glam relay team!!!!

  4. A fair assessment of this one, I reckon. I have this, Scandinavian Leather, and Party Animals and while I don’t truly love them, I enjoy the albums enough.

    • I think that’s the approximate place I’ll end up with these guys too – I think they’ll be a nice palette cleanser group, when I’ve been listening to a lot of bleak/serious stuff, this sort of album will be a nice change of pace!

      • Pretty much when I choose to throw the albums on! Some good fun tunes even if they don’t set anything alight!

  5. He’s anthropomorphising his charts, folks! One step closer to Skynet! 🙂

    Not a band I’ve ever heard (I don’t think). But now I know where to set them in the glam rock chronology. Fine work!

    • Nice terminator reference!
      And anthropomorphising – I will use that in conversation at the earliest possible convenience!

      • My favourite use was Calvin and Hobbes, when his mom is crying while cutting onions, and Calvin says it must be difficult to cook when you anthropomorphise your vegetables. Haha awesome.

  6. Great great band – they have a track called ‘Everybody loves a chubby dude’. You have to respect that.

  7. I only know these guys from Bam Margera…singing “Phil is fat, don’t feed phil…”

    • I don’t think that was on this album – but from what I recall, those lyrics wouldn’t have been out of place!

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