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The Divine Comedy – A Short Album About Love (1997)

January 30, 2018

[Album 593/1001]

With investments, there tends to be a trade-off between risk & reward.

A Guaranteed Investment Certificate? Not risky, but low interest rates as a result.

A Junk Bond? All kinds of risk, but the potential for high rewards if things somehow work out.

My favourite kind of investment? The elusive low-risk, high-reward.

Which is exactly how I’d describe The Divine Comedy’s A Short Album About Love.


divine comedy


Beginning with the artist, The Divine Comedy.

Orchestral pop? From the artist that did Casanova? The same Neil Hannon that appeared on Ute Lemper’s Punishing Kiss?

Not much in the way of risk so far.

Moving on to the album title, A Short Album About Love.220px-TDC_ashortalbum

It’s Short (less than 32 minutes)? Sounds like a limited investment of time required.

About Love? What’s not to like about that?

And finally on to the songs themselves.

7 wonderful arrangements?

Replete with terrific instrumentation?

With memorable & theatrical performances by the vocalist?

If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I have to call my financial advisor…


Verbalize the Positive

I remember when I reviewed Casanova, Ian from the80sdidntsuck had the nice/concise comment, “Neil Hannon is a genius. Full Stop.”

I reckon he’s right!

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  1. I saw the Divine Comedy last summer, it was a polarizing experience to say the least for the group I was with. Hannon is a genius.

    • I guess they say the greats/the geniuses are always polarizing!

    • I saw them at St George’s Hall in Liverpool – perfect venue for them, they were just amazingly good.

  2. Orchestral pop is a strange confection, isn’t it? Can lift you to the heavens while rotting your teeth. But you reckon this is worth checking out, eh?

    • I enjoyed it at least (and I fortunately avoided tooth damage thus far)!
      That being said, I think it may be a genre where it’s an every so often sort of adventure.
      I don’t know if I’d want to immerse in their entire discography at one go

  3. Didn’tt the divine comedy do the Father Ted theme song? That’s enticing enough for me to do any kind of investment!

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    I never got into Divine Comedy myself but I have a few friends that like their music. Neil Hannon is a fine songwriter nonetheless.

  5. Oh man, I really need to put aside time to listen to The Divine Comedy’s back catalogue. They are responsible for some really good songs over the years and Neil Hannon’s most recent album suggests he’s still got it!

  6. Never heard of this Geoff!
    Getting schooled on a Tuesday evening …kinda like Night Class round these parts

    • Some people go to cheap Tuesday movies – I appreciate that you enrolled in Tuesday night school here DeKe!

      • Absolutely Geoff….
        You know back when I was in Grade 12 we spent a full period as our English Teacher said the worst VIDEO he ever seen was “Sink The Pink’ by AC/DC …a whole hour on what we thought were the merits of it and his anti stance against it…it was classic i wish there was iPhones back than….haha…
        At the end of the class he got a lot of street cred from us guys where the girls were bored to death …haha

      • I think I would have enjoyed that class!

      • School of Rock circa 1985!

  7. Here’s a band I really need to get to know a bit better, as I’ve always liked what I’ve heard.

    • And he’s off to a great start for me- I gather most of the Divine Comedy catalogue of it is worth a listen too!

  8. New one on me, Geoff, but I am a fan of low risk high reward!

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