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Santana – Abraxas (1970)

January 1, 2018


Magnificent 2017 Artist of the Week Logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming


[Album 585/1001]

Q: On the to-do list for 2018?

A: Getting caught up on the 2017 Artists, including Santana, and to include the awesome above Sarca logo a few final times!


Q: How do you describe that instantly identifiable Carlos Santana guitar tone?

A: I’m leaning towards the oxymoronic, with “crunchy, yet smooth.”

How he gets that wonderful tone, I’m not sure, but however he does it, I’m a fan.


Q: What does Oye Como Va mean?

A: If google translate is accuarte, it means Hey, how is it going.

And when this tap-along Tito Puente tune (as performed here by Santana) is playing, for me, it tends to be going quite well.


Q: What do you call those artists that have no real substitute, and work tremendously in one album increments (rather than binge-ing marathons)?

A: For me, that’s the territory of Tom Waits, and I reckon that Carlos & co. are likely headed in that direction as well.


Q: What do you call finding Abraxas, with a worn cover but perfectly playable LP, for $5 at Vinyl Destination?

A: I’d call that a considerably successful shopping trip!




Q: What do you call it when the Abraxas 8-track arrives at your door, as a part of a box of goodies, including (but not limited to) Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong 8-track box sets?!!

A: Why, that would be the unmistakable handiwork of Aaron @ keepsmealive of course!

And as you might imagine, an already solid record sounded even better on the stereo tape cartridge.

Perhaps not from an audio quality perspective; or even a running order perspective (the tracklist gets shuffled around a bit & then split into 4 programs vs. the LP’s sides 1 and 2).

But nothing beats the sound of a thoughtful parcel in the mail.


Verbalize the Positive

A double verbalization to start 2018:

1) Many thanks Aaron for the surprise parcel (you know your audience!) & for all you do for this community. COMMUNITY!

2) Happy new year to all, have a safe/happy/healthy 2018!


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  1. Happy New Year!!

  2. desertislandmasterpieces permalink

    Great post! Have it in my collection. One of my stepdad’s favorites! Take care.

    • Thank you sir – I’m now pleased to have a copy (or 2!) in my collection as well, hope your 2018’s off to a good start!

      • desertislandmasterpieces permalink

        That’s awesome! Glad I found out about your blog. Like your idea about albums quite a bit. It’s off to a great start. Currently listening to the Stones!

      • That’s a fine way to ring in the new year – I may have to put on Exile on Main Street before the day is done!

      • desertislandmasterpieces permalink

        Can’t fault you there. Lately, I’ve been listening to their live albums from the ’70s. Great stuff!

      • desertislandmasterpieces permalink

        Just reviewed “Exile” and “Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out!”. I love some songs off of “Exile”, but “Ya Ya’s” is more my cup of tea!

  3. A truly classic album. D’you know, the Vinyl Connection article on artist Mati Klarwein (“More than Abraxas”) is still getting reads 3 ½ years on. Whether that’s due to the enduring quality of the album, the magic artwork or just people researching 8-Track cartridges, I have no idea.

    • I imagine it’s a bit of all of the above!
      And I think I’ll be taking a look at that article too, 3 1/2 years late I think still qualifies as fashionably late!

    • It was that very article that led me to Abraxas, I believe!

  4. That Aaron is one swell dude!
    All the best in 2018 Geoff and Family!

    • And I now have to see ‘A serious Man’ – I love when records are name-checked in movies!
      Happy 2018 to the Ladanos too!

      • There was a hilarious side plot of his son signing him up for Columbia House and selling the records for pot money. I loved that Santana Abraxas was the Selection of the Month.

      • That sounds brilliant – I remember the Columbia House/BMG selections of the month well, I never considered selling them for that sort of income though!

  5. Gotta love Abraxas, in any format! Glad the 8-track worked, Geoff. I always wonder ‘cos I have no way of testing them before sending them on! Always happy to share the fun – COMMUNITY!

    • It worked marvelously Aaron!
      I’ve never seen an 8-track box set before either, let alone 2 of them!

      • I’m so glad it worked… And not only boxed sets, but two absolute masters! I knew they’d get a good home!!

  6. Interesting side note: Oye Como Va was the “we’re going drinking” song of the girls on 4th floor in my residence first year university. I don’t know why, but it was. Later, when I was in Montreal, I asked a Spanish-speaking co-worker what it meant and she translated it as (roughly) “Listen how it goes.” Presumably, listen to the music, how it plays… Either way, GREAT tune and always reminds me of watching out for those crazy girls on their benders.

    • I imagine the Spanish speaking co-worker’s probably a better translator than google – but whether it’s hey, how’s it going, or listen how it goes, or girls are heading out drinking, a GREAT tune it is!

      • Haha I’d take the first too, but those girls on a night out were dangerous! 🙂

  7. “crunchy, yet smooth.”

    How about “Mellow and affectionate, yet with spunk”?

    Bonus points to anyone who can source that quote.

  8. “I imagine the Spanish speaking co-worker’s probably a better translator than google”

    Einstein is often quotes as saying “The Lord is subtle, but not malicious”. Actually, he said it in German (and always spoke German if he could, even after more than 20 years in New Jersey. The original is “Raffiniert ist der Herrgott, aber boshaft ist er nicht”. I like Einstein’s own translation better: “God may be slick, but he ain’t mean”.

  9. Happy New Year, Geoff!

    I’m a big fan of this one… a fairly recent discovery, but it felt like hanging out with an old friend (which I suspect was a result of that recognisable guitar tone).

    • And a happy 2018 to you & the family, J!
      I quite like those ‘old friend’ records, that are theoretically new-to-us, but don’t feel that way.

  10. I’ve yet to hear this one myself, but I reckon 8-track would definitely be the way to go here.

  11. Great album. Loved the 8 track back story!

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