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Various Artists, Various Blogs – This One’s Worth Saving (1995)

December 9, 2017

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Cheers to Bruce @ Vinyl Connection for hosting the blogging community event,
Various Artists, Various Blogs!


On the weekend, when I was loading the car with a few boxes of clothing/books/etc. to donate to our local thrift store, I came across an old CD, “this one’s worth saving.”

It was in immaculate condition; when I attempted to pry the disc from its case, there was resistance, which leads me to believe I hadn’t actually ever listened to the free sampler CD.

And since it had found its way into a donation box, it appeared I had disagreed with the album title, as clearly at some point, I had deemed it unworthy of saving.

But when I scanned the tracklist, I thought, Age of Electric? Headstones? Gandharvas?

Maybe it is worth saving after all…
















Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to group posts/series!


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  1. A.O.E and Headstones what a one two punch! That Teeth and Tissue album is Hugh coming unglued or is that Unsound? Great album…Dripping Dime Size Drops is wicked!
    AOE another great band better in 2017 than 95 and that’s saying something!
    Sloan as well…man great comp!
    What’s the old saying …..”One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Gold ” or Sumthin to that effect…
    In this case your keeping the GOLD!

    • They definitely got my attention with that opening duo!
      I enjoyed living vicariously through your AOE show this year in TBay Deke, I think they only made it as close to here as a weeknight in Oshawa (still about 2 hour drive).
      I’ll definitely be saving it now!

  2. Wise decision. Nice you’re thinking of the folks at the thrift store. It has ‘Soul City’ by Southern Culture On the Skids. That makes it a keeper on it’s own.

    • When it had 2 warning messages in caps lock, it sounded intense! Though perhaps the rules on re-selling sampler CDs from 1995 have relaxed a little since then 🙂

  3. Great story, beautifully presented. 🙂

    • Much appreciated Bruce – and thanks for hosting this event!
      I think the event was like the best various artist compilations: there were some writers I knew already, and some I was pleased to discover!

  4. I’ve seen this one in the shoppes. Definitely worth saving! AOE, Headstones, Super Friends, Jale… heck yes!

    • It was neat hearing Super Friendz/Jale too – I’d remembered reading about them on those murderrecords inserts that came with sloan cds!

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