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417 albums in 4 years!

December 6, 2017


I started the 1001albumsin10years project on December 1st, 2011.

Back on November 30, 2016, I hit the exact midpoint, the 500.5/1001 album mark.

So theoretically, given the domain name, I should have been be up to album 601/1001 by December 1st of this year.

So at 584/1001, I’ve fallen slightly behind, but I think I’ll be able to bounce back in year 7.

The progress so far:


Untitled presentation (5)


As was the case for my firstsecondthirdfourth, and fifth year-in-review posts, the annual summary of my favourites from the past year.



The Top Songs & Albums of Year 6

Album – Tito Puente and His Orchestra, Dance Mania (1958)
Song – Thelonious Monk, Brilliant Corners (1957)

Album – Ray Price, Night Life (1963)
Song – Paul Revere and the Raiders, Kicks (1966)

Album – Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark (1974)
Song – The Dictators, (I Live For) Cars and Girls (1975)

Album – The Go-Betweens, 16 Lovers Lane (1988)
Song – Everything but the Girl, These Early Days (1988)

Album – Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Brutal Youth (1994)
Song – Ice Cube, When Will They Shoot? (1992)

Album – The Beta Band, Hot Shots II (2001)
Song – Johnny Cash, Give My Love to Rose (2002)


My vision for the new blogging year?

Hopefully before the end of the week, I’ll join the Various Artists fun over @ VinylConnection.

In the new calendar year, I’m planning on doing a sequel to this calendar year’s weekly series, “Artist of the Week,” likely to be called something inspired, such as, Artist of the Week II!

So once again, starting in January, the goal will be to explore 50 artists over 50 weeks, spending a week with each artist, with plenty of Top 5s/Polls/Quizzes along the way.

And of course, each post will feature an “Artist of the Week II” logo by Sarca (*Spoiler Alert* – I’m sure it will be another gem!),

Thank you all for being a part of this adventure!


Verbalize the Positive

Six years ago, I wouldn’t have anticipated any country/rap/Joni Mitchell recordings being among my year-end favourites.

In this project, I enjoy being continually surprised (in a good way) by so many artists from so many genres!

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  1. Oh cool, so you’re going to have Artist of the Week quizzes in 2018 too? As I’ve probably pointed out repeatedly, 16 Lovers Lane and Court and Spark are two of my all time favourites, so happy to see those mentioned.

    • That’s the plan for 2018 – I’ve had too much fun doing them in 2017!
      ANd feel free to repeatedly point that out, they’re both keepers!

  2. My vision for the new blogging year.

    Awesome Sarca logos.

    Graphs galore

  3. You’re so close to being on track, I’m saying you ARE on track!

  4. Load of rubbish, I only come here out of habit. Oh and graphs, I like them a lot.

  5. I don’t know how you do it! What an amazing effort thus far!

  6. jprobichaud permalink

    You’re in the home stretch now. Keep it up, there’s a lot more listening to do!

  7. Graphomusicology Rules!

  8. Congrats, Geoff! I’m already looking forward to version 2.0.

  9. This is a great journey you are on. Solid way to experience new music and check out stuff you might not have given a chance otherwise. Looking forward to following the 2nd half!

    • Much appreciated Kevin!
      And yes – that’s been among the best parts of the journey for me, I’d never even heard of so many of these recordings (let alone heard the actual albums) and so many have been wonderful discoveries!

  10. Great stuff, Geoff. You may have fallen behind by an album or two, but this is an impressive feat. I tip my hat to you.

    As for the ‘best ofs’, Give My Love To Rose is one of my absolute favourite songs ever. Particularly that version of it.

    • My thanks J!
      I think you can relate to where some of my free time has gone this year 😀
      Those are my favourite kind of Cash tunes, where there’s not a ton of instrumentation, and he’s telling a story with some compelling characters. And delivering it all as only he can!

      • For sure, yeah! Certainly cuts listening and writing time, I’d say!

        And yeah, there were few like Cash… if any.

  11. You’re rocking it, Geoff! Keep on as you are and I know you’ll hit your goal easily. With graphs and Verbalizing The Positive to boot!

  12. GEOFF 2.0!
    Congrats on kicking some serious Graph Ass! You have basically taken this old noggin of mine and got me thinking when I’m reading your posts with all those Pie Graphs…
    Man getting schooled at 50..

    Keep it Going!


  13. Well done on your commitment Geoff. Question is….6 years ago would you have ever considered that a west coast folk pop / jazz influenced record by Joni Mitchell and The Dictators would have made such an impression on you? This book is a world of discovery my friend.

    • Much appreciated Geoff – I don’t think there’s any chance I would have anticipated that!
      And I’m thrilled that you’re also a part of the 1001 world of discovery, and a Geoff no less!

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