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Paul Revere & The Raiders – Midnight Ride (1966)

November 29, 2017

[Album 584/1001]

Midnight ride?


‘Round here, it’s more like a mid-nap ride.

Actually, that’s exactly what it was last Saturday afternoon.

2 Daughters asleep? Check.

Oldest daughter happily playing with a friend? Check.

Very well, exercise bike + (muted) 2002 Gold medal game + Midnight Ride it is!


When an artist is self-aggrandizing? I often struggle with the recording.

But when the artist hires someone to hype them up (as in the intro to James Brown’s Live at the Apollo)? Somehow, I find it quite entertaining.

I’m not sure who wrote the notes about the band on the back cover of the LP…but the writer’s enthusiasm is simply delightful.

Some of the finer excerpts:

“Paul Revere & The Raiders are now firmly established as one of the most powerful and exciting groups in the world!”

“They’re five happening gentlemen from the northwest of America who’ve captured the hearts of a nation…”

“Their current fan-mail draw has surpassed all other major teen idols!”

“the bright new writing team of Revere and Lindsay joins the best of the musical penmen”

“an exciting array of tunes destined to capture the raves of the most hardened critics”

…and that is but a sample.

I’d love to have this writer/hype-person introduce me at the beginning of each semester!




Now I may not be firmly established as a happening gentleman.


I suppose my current fan-mail volume does not require an assistant to process.

Nor do I consider myself among the best of the musical penmen.

But even a hardened critic like myself can’t help but find something to enjoy among this array of tunes.

I might not be able to summon quite as much enthusiasm as the album notes writer, but I did quite like Midnight Ride (notably the side openers, Kicks & All I Really Need is You).

So consider my raves captured!


Verbalize the Positive

The album lines up almost perfectly with the first period of the 2002 Men’s Ice Hockey Gold medal game.

The turntable arm returned to its resting position with 18 seconds remaining in the period, pretty close!

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  1. I can do some PR for you. “Stephen1001 has good naturedly examined 584 high profile albums, and added some spicy graphs.”

  2. Speaking of the 2002(women’s) gold medal game. I listened to Cheryl Pounder speak last week at a conference. She is awesome!!!

    A dash of Dylan and a roll of stones. That sounds pretty good.

    • And it was good!
      I don’t think it’s quite in the echelon of dylan/stones/beatles (as the liner notes might suggest) but it was quite agreeable.
      I listened to the rest of the Gold medal game at full volume though of course – I had to hear Bob Cole shout, JOOOOEEE Sakic!
      I just looked up her speaking bio, that sounds like a good message.
      And I haven’t re-watched the Women’s Gold Medal game yet this year, I think that may be part of my next game + bike + LP combo!

      • Pethaps Bob Cole could introduce you at an assembly at your school.

      • Yes Please!
        “And here is Mr. Stephen – it looks like this speech will be a dandy!”

      • Ohhhh Baby. Is this guy great or what?
        And the place goes crazy

      • Did you see Alan Doyle when he was on SC with Jay & Dan?
        He said when he watches any NHL Hockey, he hears the Bob Cole – I don’t think he’s alone!

      • I miss him doing Leaf games. I would have to watch a Habs game to hear him I think, and that’s not happening.

      • Understandable!
        I cheer for Pittsburgh, so I love listening to the Penguins games as called by Mike Lange, the Hall of Famer (probably about the same age as Bob Cole), with the catchphrases of “Scratch my back with a hacksaw” “get that dog of my lawn” etc. whenever the Penguins score!

      • I did not see Doyle. He seems like a fun dude.
        Also, he would relate to Bob since they are both from the Rock.

      • My buddies and I used to go down to watch a Leaf game in Pittsburgh once a year.
        It’s pretty sad when it is cheaper to pay for gas and a hotel and game down there, than for 1 ticket to a Leafs game.
        Once we met Don Cherry and Ron Maclean down there.
        (I’ve met both numerous times)
        Both really nice.

      • I went down for Game 5 of the Eastern finals last year – thankfully picked the right game, they won 7-0!
        That’s a great tradition you guys had of the annual road trip – and agreed, depending on the time of year, you could even add a Pirates/Steelers game to the trip!

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    Haha! That’s awesome! “Listen my friends and you shall hear…” Gosh, I hope so.

    • They definitely weren’t going for the ‘soft sell’ here!
      Actually, now that I think about it, I picked this up in your neck of the woods, I think it was a $6 vertigo records investment!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Nice! Next time you’re in town, let me know and I’ll bring you around to some of the other good record shops and perhaps stop into a craft brewery for a pint.

      • Sold – and there’s no shortage of nice craft brews in the Ottawa area!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Indeed! We’re well over 30 now!

  4. Who hasn’t aspired to being ‘a happening gentleman’? I know I have.

  5. Sweet catchphrses.
    I used to like hearing Chuck Swirsky when he did Raptor games.
    Usually involving food.

    Onions baby onions.

    Get out the salami and cheese baby. This ball games over.

    • I might have to start listening to the raptors – at least when they play the Bulls!

      • Swirsky left the Raptors in 2009.
        As chance woukd have it, he is back in Chicago, doing the Bulls radio broadcasts on WMVP.
        You should be able to hear him online.

  6. I’ve always had a fondness for the admittedly few albums that begin with a spoken word introduction. Top marks go to The Dandy Warhols for the instruction to “get ready for a massive concussion of rock’n’roll. ..”. I must also add that I don’t understand any of the other comments as they seem to refer to some nonsense game played by the colonials!

    • What is this ‘hockey’ of which these colonials speak?!
      There’s a couple on the 1001 list that start with spoken intros (Ray Price’s Night Life seemed like a sincere one, The Offspring’s almost identical one on Smash seemed more ironic) – I quite like them too, it sets a nice tone for the album!

  7. And don’t forget the spoken introduction to “Ritual de lo Habitual”….“Ladies and gentlemen, we have more influence over your children than you do. But we love them.”

  8. I’ve never heard of this one, but those liner notes are exactly the kinda thing I love about old LPs.

    • This was one of those ones that I enjoyed – perhaps not enough to explore the catalogue any further – but enough to be pleased with my return on a $6 LP investment!

      • That’s all you can ask for from an LP purchase like this, I reckon.

  9. Whenever I read stuff like that back cover text, I imagine Simon Amstell from Never Mind The Buzzcocks reading it. To be fair though, that’s just how people promoted things in those days (in sharp contrast to how condescendingly they promoted artists on TV shows).

    • That is true – compared to its contemporaries, the liner notes probably don’t jump off the page, the marketing would look pretty comparable.
      But out of context in 2017, the quotes are delightful 🙂
      Enjoy the weekend Amrita!

  10. Paul was the original midnight rider.

    • After reading your Paul Revere post – as long as the ‘midnight’ part of the fabled tale is one of the parts that is true, I agree!

  11. I suppose one could happen to be a gentleman, and then you’d be happening!

    Excellent – glad these guys made the list.

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