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Ice Cube – The Predator (1992)

November 10, 2017


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[Album 580/1001]

As I like to start my classes with a ‘song of the day’ (semi-related to the lesson), I’m always on the lookout for class-starting tunes.

Oh, the opening track on The Predator is called The First Day of School?

Hey, that might work for the first day of classes.

(listens to track)

And………..since I enjoy my job, I will be sticking with Aretha Franklin’s R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


That being said, I also really enjoy this era of hip hop.

Whether it’s Public Enemy, Ice T, or Ice Cube, these early 90s albums are compelling records.220px-Ice_Cube_-_The_Predator_-_Album_Cover

Though I’m relatively sure that the “E” beside each of this album’s tracks in Apple Music stands for “Explicit,” ‘E’ngaging would also be an appropriate description.

His anger is palpable on early tracks like When Will They Shoot? and his more laid-back delivery is equally effective on mid-album cuts like It Was a Good Day.

Most importantly, when the tracks ‘feature’ another artist, it’s still unmistakably Ice Cube’s show.

Just perhaps not a show that I can share with my students.


Verbalize the Positive

There seems to have been a mutual respect between Public Enemy, Ice T, and Ice Cube at the time.

I remember Ice Cube guesting on a Public Enemy track saying, “Ice Cube is down with the PE,” Ice T ended O.G. by acknowledging his peers, and both T & PE get either positive name-checks and/or lyric references here!

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  1. ‘E’ could also stand for Edit ….
    Great writeup but I’m sure the kids in class would like it but perhaps the next day the phone may be ringing off the hook from some concerned parents but than again maybe not!
    Report back here with your findings!

    Could break the kids in with Living Colours “Cult of Personality” That whole VIVID album is Gold!

    • Haha, I think they’d text their parents ASAP and I might not even have to wait til the next day to hear about it!
      Living Colour is on the list too – I was pleased to scoop Vivid for $3, really nice return on investment!

      • Oh yeah that is great score on VIVID!
        Those fella’s know how to groove at loud volume!

  2. Not a world I’ve ever visited, Planet Rap. Score me ‘E’ for extra-terrestrial.

    • And it’s not a world I explore all that frequently either – but when I do, I seem to be quite comfortable as a visitor from the years 1988-1993 or so!

  3. Despite being one of my friend’s favourite hippity hoppity albums, I still haven’t heard this. Really need to rectify that.

    • I’d say Ice Cube has worked his way into my Top 5 (to borrow your term J) hippity hoppity artists!

      • I’ll need to take notice of this one now.

  4. Good point about the early 90s being a great period for hip hop. Looking forward to this one!

  5. I knew Cube wouldn’t work for your classroom! Haha that’s OK, you got to jam the record anyway. All I have here is a Hits of Ice Cube, so I’m glad to know the album proper stood up under your scrutiny!

    • Every single one of the tracks on this album had the “E” beside it – so perhaps not soothing background music in the room for when they’re writing a test!

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