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The Go-Betweens – 16 Lovers Lane (1988)

October 28, 2017

[Album 574/1001]

Good news: I found a house for sale on Lovers Lane!

Less than ideal news: The address was #1, and not #16, Lovers Lane

Slightly worse news: Given that the house has an Ontario postal code, there’s a chance it’s not the exact street referenced by The Australian band, The Go-Betweens.

Inconvenient for the purposes of this post news: According to google maps, it’s a 5 hour drive from me, so a photo-op probably isn’t in the cards.

But for any of you looking to invest in a Lovers Lane property with a tenuous-at-best link to a Go-Betweens album from the 80s (and happen to have a few hundred thousand dollars of disposable income), a musical real estate opportunity awaits!




Have you ever read a real estate listing that immediately spoke to you?

Convincing you, at first glance, as in the first three words of the listing above, that you’d simply fall in love?

If such a listing existed for the album, 16 Lovers Lane, it would have been similarly 220px-16LoversLanepersuasive for me.

Dual lead-singer format?

A violin/oboe player?

Smiths-esque jangling guitar work?


Now I haven’t formally purchased the album yet (thus far I’ve merely streamed it several times on apple music).

But if I see a copy of 16 Lovers Lane in stores, so long as it’s for somewhat less that $279,000, I’ll be happy to invest.

And not just to purchase as an investment, seeking to flip for a profit down the road.

Instead, I see it as a place that I’ll actually visit & enjoy frequently, for years to come.


Verbalize the Positive

Thanks to Aphoristical’s recent Go-Betweens post, I was keen to check this out sooner rather than later!

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  1. Cool! I guess there are a few parallels with The Smiths – both bands reference literature often too.

  2. It’s supposed to be a really good one this.

    I live on a very straight road called ‘Bendee Road’, if that’s any help?

    • It certainly doesn’t hurt!
      I quite like the irony of that name – and I quite liked this album too

  3. Love love love this band – as an Australian, they are bonafide national treasures here, and are among the most well-known bands in the country (they are basically our Smiths), so have been exposed to them for pretty much my whole life! (It helps that my mum loves them too.) ’16 Lovers Lane’ remains, IMO, the only piece of music that not only truly captures the suburban Australia I grew up with – the sparse, dry hotness, the incredible isolation, juxtaposed with the sprawling urbanisation that’s not really different to that of the US/UK – but that makes it seem beautiful, too. Plus, they sing with the exact same accents as everyone I know, and that’s pretty cool!
    On a related tangent, there’s a new doco on the band that’s doing the rounds around cinemas over here – not sure if it’ll get overseas, but it’s supposedly v good! Am slated to see it in a couple of weeks…

    • Thanks for the terrific comment!
      From your description tangerinetrees99, The Go-Betweens for Australia sounds an awful lot like what The Tragically HIp means to Canada.
      And I just saw a Tragically Hip doc a week ago that was very good 🙂
      I’ll keep my eyes open for the Go-Betweens doc, after my quite positive experience with 16 lovers lane, I’m interested to learn/hear more!

      • I think Paul Kelly is the Australian equivalent of The Tragically Hip – the guy who’s huge in his own country, but obscure everywhere else. The Go-Betweens had a Brisbane bridge named after them though.

  4. A band my brother and a few others I’ve met over the years liked, but I’ve just never connected with anything of theirs. I know this is meant to be a goody… as it’s always been recommended as an entry point.

    • And I’m glad Aphoristical recommended it recently as a place to start – it won me over pretty quickly!

  5. An album on the list and I’ve never even heard of it, in all these years. Awesome!

    That real estate ad spoke to me, alright, like a personals ad. “Fall in love with this sprawling brick rancher…” Haha no thanks. Also, who has a ranch for bricks?* That one seems not my type… Ridgetown’s down near Chatham, isn’t it?

    * I know what it means, just trying to be funny.

    • I believe it’s in the Chatham area yes – a bit of a hike from Kingston!
      And awesome is right for these new-to-us records, I’m learning every day how little music I know so far, which is a good thing!

      • It wouldn’t be so far from Kingston, time-wise, if you didn’t have to traverse the entirety of Toronto and all it’s traffic snarls, to get there.

        I am all for good records that are new to me. I read somewhere that by the time you hit 30 your taste in music is solidified and that’s that. I say bollocks to that!

      • I read 25 once. I saw it happening to one of my friends, and to my old boss (who knew quite a lot about music, but whose knowledge stopped abruptly c1985), and I made a conscious effort to avoid it.

        Having said that, most of my all time favourite albums I heard for the first time in my teens or twenties, so it’s hard for stuff I’ve heard for the first time more recently to break into my absolute favourites.

      • It’s funny you mention 30, as my 30th birthday was the day I started this project!
        And I’d agree with Aphoristical too – though I’m quite enjoying all these new-to-me artists and albums, it’s going to be tough for any of them to unseat my all time favourites.
        But it probably has more to do with me than the albums!

  6. It’s funny how a place we’ve never been to can feel nostalgic because of music. Tarantino’s use of Womack’s Across 110th Street helped elevate my love for the song and the lyric certainly adds to the alluring nature of that street! In fact the song inspired me to check out the 1972 movie of the same name this past summer.

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