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Ray Price – Night Life (1963)

September 16, 2017

[Album 568/1001]Night_Life_(Ray_Price_album)

“We hope that you can just kinda, sit back, kick off your shoes, relax just a little bit, and listen to our latest album. And if you like it, tell us about it won’t you.”
– Ray Price, Introduction and Theme (opening track on Night Life)

They say (listening) context is everything.

So with Night Life, I thought I’d follow Ray’s advice.

And by following his step-by-step recommendations, I think it only enhanced my listening experience!














Verbalize the Positive

The intro here brought back fun memories of The Offspring’s Time to Relax from Smash.

Though I don’t think I would ever have openly admitted to liking country music at the time of Smash, today I’m happy to openly admit that I really enjoyed the gentle, pedal-steel infused sounds of Night Life.

From → 1960s

  1. Great job on the pictorial review, Geoff!

  2. An excellent relaxation program, but the looks of the happy customer!

    • If I’d been asked in 1963, I would have been thrilled to supply a glowing testimonial!
      I quite enjoyed this album Bruce, there’s something about that pedal steel that creates such a nice setting

  3. One of the GOAT’s in country music. Love his smooth voice. Excellent post!

    • My thanks Apple Pie & Napalm!
      I was unfamiliar with him before this album – but like you said, what a fine, smooth voice!

  4. Picture 1 is the kind of look I have before the wife comes home from work. jk. Nice review

    • Thanks Geoff – not sure if you’ve got to The Offspring’s Smash yet on the list.
      It’s fun listening to the intro to that & the intro to this back to back, almost word-for-word at times, but very different track 2s!

  5. Better geT that chill vibe in Geoff! By the looks of a pic i seen on Social Media yesterday you and the fam will be rocking n rolling shortly!

    • Haha, absolutely Deke – if all goes as predicted by the ultrasound, I’ll be joining you in the 3 daughter club!

      • AWESOME! WELCOME TO THE CLUB! Now if u need a babysitter I know some one down in Kingston! hahaha

      • It’s a fine club – and I’ve heard about a new babysitter in town!
        So far so good at St. Lawrence?

      • Yes Kylee is loving it and I know there’s been a few moments where she has missed home but she’s met some friends and was going to Richmond Stadium for football today! So we’re happy she’s out in Kingston!
        It’s nice this day and age with FaceTime and such as I talk to her that way and via text more than when she was living under our roof but that’s just due to our work and school schedule would never mix here in Tbay!
        Crazy as this would have been harder for me if she left like 25 years ago and it was payphone and letter writing!
        We’re happy she’s in a great town!
        It’s a mission for us to get there now and of course I’ll be stopping by for a beer with u!

      • That’s excellent to hear she’s enjoying Kingston Deke – and a soda (as Kim Mitchell would call it!) sounds excellent too!

      • Wish Wendy all the best from here as well!

  6. Great pics by the way!

    • My thanks!
      and that’s a good call on the chill vibe this one provides, it may be useful in soothing me to sleep in the near future!

  7. Dear Geoff and Wendy, Congrats to you both! Hope all goes well!
    And nice CUPFACE!!

    • Much appreciated Sarca!
      And when I was thinking of what ray price meant by “relax just a bit” the cupface tradition quickly came to mind!

  8. Nice one! Some good ol’ fashioned ‘country & western’ vibes. They just don’t make too many records like this these days!

  9. Cupface FTW!

    You’re absolutely right. This is the kind of stuff with which it’s best to just chill out and enjoy. Good on ya!

  10. desertislandmasterpieces permalink

    Reblogged this on Desert Island Masterpieces and commented:
    I’ll have to give it a listen sometime soon! Take care.

  11. desertislandmasterpieces permalink

    I’ll give this a listen in the near future. Take care; enjoying your blog!

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