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Sabu – Palo Congo (1957)

September 2, 2017

[Album 565/1001]

I enjoy a good ‘who’s the best _______’ debate.

Moving beyond the guitar/bass/drums/frontperson combo, I’ve been thinking about adding some more percussion to my supergroup.

My Vibraphonist? Gary Burton.

As my Timbalero? Tito Puente.

And as my new Conguero? After Palo Congo, Sabu Martinez!

The rhythm here is simply relentless.Palocongo

I’m pleased I checked this one out during the summer; with all the frantic conga playing & loud call/answer shouting in Spanish, I can’t visualize being able to focus while marking during the school year.

It feels like this would have been interesting to see live.

When I think of how tired/sweaty some bands are after a show, I imagine these congueros (5 are credited on the album) would be exhausted after a set.

I’m somewhat tired just listening to how hard they’re working!


Verbalize the Positive

It’s been really nice going through the 1001 list with a fellow Geoff (AKA Hackskeptic @ The Hackskeptic’s View).

His recent review reminded me that I hadn’t explored Sabu yet – now that I’ve listened to Palo Congo, I’m off to re-read it now to see if I agree with The Hackskeptic’s View!

From → 1950s

  1. I’ve never heard of this lot. I guess I need to expand my musical knowledge.

  2. I’ve added this one to my list, Geoff. I reckon it sounds perfect for Sunday afternoon coffee.

  3. I’m another who hasn’t heard of these guys, but I do love that kind of music in small doses. One album might be just enough for me, and based on your recommend this could be the one!

    Also, I’ll bet their neighbours HATE these guys! 😉

  4. I agree totally with your comment about the music being relentless. These guys really give it some…and more!

  5. It’s funny Latin-style stuff leaves me totally unmoved, I’ve been dragged to see tons of it live too. Maybe I’m missing the receptor gene.

    • I think I may have a partial gene that appreciates in moderation – but I don’t know if I’d necessarily sign up for too many 3+ hour concerts!

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