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Sister Sledge – We are Family (1979)

August 23, 2017

[Album 561/1001]

Restaurants will often suggest effective drink/meal pairings on their menus.

With the 1001 albums, I’ve found that there are some listen/activity pairings that I’d also recommend.

When I reviewed Chic’s C’est Chic a couple years ago, I learned that it paired very nicely with a watermelon &/or yogourt snack.

During one of my listens, my daughter (who was 1 at the time) happily bopped along to Freak Out while requesting more watermelon &/or yogourt.

As soon as I got a video of that, I knew the review was complete!



So when I saw that “The Chic Organization” produced We Are Family, I had a feeling this Sister Sledge record might also work well as a soundtrack for play time, or perhaps snack time with my (now 3-year old) daughter.

Good, if unsurprising, news: the LP worked splendidly in that context.SIster_Sledge_We_Are_Family_1979

Although we didn’t document any of the dancing on video this time, I was certainly bopping along to He’s The Greatest Dancer and I was quite impressed when Becca was able to identify the title track based solely on the instrumental intro.

And speaking of restaurants, on our most recent listen/play session, we created an almost-too-appetizing looking meal together at the playdough table.

Check out the pizza that this toe-tapping Sister Sledge record helped create!



Verbalize the Positive

I appreciate that my girls still want to play with dad – I’ll try to remember these days when they’re teenagers!

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  1. Zack permalink

    I’ll have to play this for my daughter. Maybe she’ll like it as much as that damn Trolls song.

    • Ahh yes – I’d imagine she’s a fan of the Moana tunes as well? I’m a big fan of the David Bowie-esque Shiny!

      • Zack permalink

        I’m not sure about Moana. And I haven’t even heard of Shiny.

      • It’s good!
        The song is sung by Jemaine Clement (from Flight of the Concords) – he’s quite funny too

  2. Oh my god. Is that mozzarella and Smarties pizza? My favourite!

  3. Sharing music with the kids. Nothing better!!

  4. Awesome Geoff. Totally remember these times as one day they will leave the nest before you know it!
    I really wish iPhones were around in the mid to late 90’s to snap pics of kids etc… we missed some stuff trying to get the kodak film in the camera whereas with an iPhone its a swipe or 2 and boom!

    • No need to wind the film manually on those iPads!
      Cheers Deke – hope your girls are enjoying getting ready for University & College!

      • Yep sure are. Kylee leaves for your hometown next Thursday and Lex and Lauren start University here in Tbay Sept 6…
        Busy times….

  5. That clip is the best. What a gem for the archives.

  6. Amazing! I’m discovering that ZZ Top’s La Futura is perfect for snack time. Or anytime, really… it’s the boy’s favourite record.

  7. That clip was so adorable! Your daughter had great taste even then!
    Kate Bush made me rediscover pomegranates with “Eat The Music”. I’m definitely going to notice more food and music pairings from now on. After all, “music is the food of love”.

    • My thanks Amrita!
      I could see Kate + pomegranates pairing nicely, I’ll have to try that combo the next time we get a pomegranate!

  8. Great video. Nile Rogers would be proud that you’ve encouraged a new member to The Chic Organization.

    • Thanks Geoff – I haven’t got to Chic’s Risque yet, I’m curious at to what will pair well with that one!

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