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Megadeth – Rust in Peace (1990)

August 16, 2017


Fabulous logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming


[Album 558/1001]

Have you read the book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck?

It’s an interesting read, with a particularly engaging chapter about Dave Mustaine.

The author, Mark Manson, argued that Mustaine used ‘lousy’ (my slightly gentler term) metrics to measure his life.

Despite selling 25 million records with Megadeth, Mustaine considered himself a failure because the band he was kicked out of (Metallica) had sold many more.

Was/is Megadeth a great group?

It didn’t matter to Mustaine, as all he could see was the relative lack of commercial success compared to Metallica.


In fairness to Dave, he’s not alone in finding Metallica & Megadeth to be inextricably linked.

The band fonts aren’t exactly dissimilar (alas, neither opted for Comic Sans MS) and I’d wager 90% of people my age arrived at Megadeth via Metallica (and not vice versa).

Can I appreciate Megadeth as a stand-alone band?

Without comparing them to that other band?

I’m going to try!

Top 5 Metrics
to view Rust in Peace as a stand-alone success

5. The significant basslines
On tracks like Dawn Patrol

4. The album art 220px-Megadeth-RustInPeace
Vic Rattlehead returns!

3. The album length
As my friend HMO would say, a running time of 40 minutes is a golden running time.

2. The tight, abrupt endings
Notably on Lucretia, Tornado of Souls…actually most of the songs!

1. The riffs
Absolutely no shortage of ’em here.


Verbalize the Positive

I like when an album gets my attention right off the bat.

Of course, the opening tape noise didn’t hurt, but that opening riff established the tone in a hurry!


I forgot I’d scheduled this Post to ‘publish’ automatically on Wednesday – which means it went ‘live’ before I added this great quote by Mike “LeBrain” Ladano.

Thanks Mike!

“I consider Rust in Peace to be the pinnacle of quality for this band.  It was their best lineup (rest in peace Nick Menza) and had some of their most ambitious material.  Plus I’m just a sucker for songs related to aliens and UFOs.  Hangar 18 is Dave Mustaine’s take on a famous conspiracy theory, not to be missed by any fan of the genre.” – LeBrain, August 2017

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  1. I will be seeing them open for Scorpions next month.
    There should be a few gems off of this album played.

    • Interesting to hear they’re the opener – I would have thought it would be the other way around.
      Either, way, should be a good show!

      • Scorpions popularity resurged when they announced retirement years ago. Then they stuck around and have continued to ride the wave.
        Megadeth will sell out small to medium sized as headliner, but not huge outdoor venues on a world tour(other than Central/South America and possibly parts of Europe)
        Scorpions and Megadeth could probably be co-headliners, but Scorpions invited Dave and the boys to tag along as openers. So Dave agreed.

  2. Hey, just adding my two cents here, hope you don’t mind? Sorry to say but I would point out to Dave that Megadeth just never sold out and then turn into cartoon characters of themselves, like that other band, what are they called again? It was the best thing for him but he don’t know it, I guess? To me Rust In Peace album would always be the best trash metal of all-time! BTW still bloody great live toooo!

    • That’s good to hear they still put on a strong live show – thanks for adding your two cents William!

  3. Cool you and my brother both rate Rust In Peace very high.
    Mustaine has dwelled on the fact about his exit from Metallica for way to long. Basically tortured himself over it…
    Let it go Dave..
    For myself 92’s Countdown To Extinction (in my mind) stands up on it’s own merit!

    • I’m in good company then Deke!
      I haven’t heard countdown yet (it’s just this one and peace sells on the 1001), but if the price is right in the used shops, I may have to pick it up!

    • Mustaine and Sebastian Bach need to move on.
      Their former bandmates did.
      In the case of Skid Row though, they should have taken Bach back.

      • Skid Row just should do what Roth does with Halen and thats have opposite dressing rooms at opposite ends of the arena…it works for a payday …

  4. I will be honest, I don’t really compare these two bands. They are so different IMO. I think their new album was exceptional, but there is no denying the greatness of Rust in Peace. Dave needs to not dwell on the past. Nothing he can do about it now.

    • It was neat reading the ‘subtle art’ book – as the next example he gave after Mustaine was Pete Best (the drummer who was fired by the Beatles)
      In Best’s case, he had a few rough years in the 60s, but has become grateful since as if he hadn’t been fired, he wouldn’t have met his wife, had kids, become happy with his life in a new way, and like you said with Mustaine, not dwelling on the past

  5. Wonder what the impact would be if you replaced metal typefaces with something else. Like Lucida Handwriting or Century Gothic Light? Would it still be (a) heavy? and (b) metal?
    Just wondering.

    PS. Like the ‘metrics’ idea. Are you going to compile a set for each genre of music?

    • That would be a good experiment – what’s the tipping point font style for the genre? Does it cease to be heavy or metal first, or does it happen simultaneously?!

  6. Love, love, love this album. It was like the three they made previous lead to this masterpiece. I don’t care to compare them to Metallica because I find the only similarities between the two is they are both thrash bands. But if I were too… Metallica is the overall tighter band with a greater amount of known tracks, but they never had an album as listenable from start to finish as Rust In Peace, IMHO.

    • This does feel like a front-to-back album, and now that I think about it, I agree – no humungous singles, but a more cohesive listen!

  7. Nice review! Love Rust in Peace. It’s one of my top favorite metal albums.

    • Cheers Ethan – it’s still early for me, but I could see this making its way into my Top 5 thrash metal albums some day!

  8. How do you compare this to the other album that’s included in the book Geoff? Was there a discernible change, or is it more of the same?

    • My ‘metal’ ear’s not terribly refined – so for me it wasn’t dissimilar, but metal fans likely hear many more nuances than I do!

  9. To be honest, I would never compare the two even though Megadeth are MUCH better than Metallica. But it’s like comparing apples and oranges. A really superior apple to an inferior orange. I would never do it.

  10. This is the only Megadeth album I have, but I like it enough to check out more… just haven’t gotten around to it.

    But aye, the chap is seriously hung-up on that Metallica gig… he even appeared in the documentary, which was a riot.

    • It’s one thing to use being fired as motivation at first – but 30+ years later, I reckon it’s time to find a new source of inspiration!

      • Totally. Especially when there’s a whole lot of folks out there that would argue that Megadeth’s output is better!

      • According to a few of out metal enthusiast friends, it’s much, much better!

      • I feel both bands are awesome.

    • For sure J..Mustaine literally “lost his shit” hahaha

      • It’s a great documentary, eh?

  11. Glad you mentioned the riff. No shortage indeed!

    But for the cover art, it’s not Vic that does it for me — it’s the alien. I am absolutely a FIEND for UFO conspiracy theories. I have an extensive library and that cover caters to people like me. The video was pretty awesome too. Lots of aliens in that.

    • I think it was HMO who said (when I reviewed Peace Sells), there’s more riffs in the first track than some bands have in their career!
      Thanks again for the quote here Mike!

  12. I have this one, and I agree fully. Except that I am never able to get all the way through any Megadeth album top to bottom. I have to take a break about halfway through and come back to the rest later.

    But any album that has Holy Wars… The Punishment Due AND Hangar 18 back to back, right off the top, can’t be all bad!

    I want to read that book you mentioned. I’ll watch for it!

    • The Subtle Art’s a good read – the first section wasn’t as strong as the rest, but it picked up steam as it went along.
      Maybe like a Megadeth album too, good to take a break partway through and come back for the rest of the book later!

      • Yeah, never force it. That’s just good advice generally too, I find.

        I picked up a book today called Sun Tsu Was A Sissy! Haha now THAT oughta be interesting…

  13. .
    But for the masking art, it’s not Vic that does it for me — it’s the foreign.

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