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Bee Gees – Trafalgar (1971)

August 12, 2017


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[Album 557/1001]

Good life advice: Manage expectations.

Though I’ve always thought of that as “don’t get your hopes up,” in order to prevent the inevitable disappointment when things don’t meet your lofty expectations.

For example, I was likely guilty of unreasonably high expectations for The Dandy Warhols Come Down; as a result, what is possibly a good record was interpreted as somewhat underwhelming.

However, I’m curious if over-managed expectations, or insufficiently high hopes, may be equally problematic.

Such as with the Bee Gees, and albums like Trafalgar (orΒ Odessa for that matter).

Going into the 1001 project, I had such low expectations for my potential Bee Gees enjoyment that these possibly good records ended up feeling like hidden gems.Bgs_trafalgar

Or maybe they really are gems, they’re just no longer hidden?

After 2 pleasant surprises this week, are my expectations now climbing to unreasonably high levels for the Bee Gees?

On future Bee Gees albums, will I therefore have to reduce the height of my hopes to avoid disappointment?

In any event, I managed to make it through multiple listens this week without once saying, to borrow a Trafalgar tune name, Somebody Stop the Music.

And that’s something I certainly wouldn’t have expected.


Verbalize the Positive

Mmmmmmm Ontario Peaches!

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  1. They’re very talented so I’m not surprised you’re enjoying these albums. I’m not sure how each album holds up because I haven’t heard much of their music that way, but I’d guess that you won’t be disappointed.
    I’m looking forward to more of your reviews.

    • Thanks Danica – I hope you’ll also be able to avoid disappointment with my reviews! πŸ˜€

  2. I think a big part of my enjoyment of these early Bee Gees albums comes from how unexpected they were to me. Musically they are a real treat!

    • It’s nice to be back on the same page with you J – we were both pleasantly surprised & we agree this one’s closer to great than grating!

  3. Life is full of surprises. I’m glad you’ve found one this week, and the book has led you to listen to some records you would have probably never heard.

  4. “Manage Expectations” is definitely one I always need to refresh! Heck, it even lead to a blogging hiatus…

    I was thinking, as I read this post, if only we knew someone who was good at making charts who could create a graphic plotting the ranking of an album like this on a scale of like to dislike versus preconception to actuality… haha πŸ™‚

    Kudos to you for trying out a BeeGees album… and liking it! It’s always a nice surprise when these things happen!

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