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Tito Puente and his Orchestra – Dance Mania (1958)

August 5, 2017

[Album 554/1001]

“He robbed the school of Tito!”
– Tito Puente, from the ‘Who Shot Mr. Burns’ episode of The Simpsons (at 2:14)

In a memorable cliffhanger, the season six finale of The Simpsons closed with the shooting of Charles Montgomery Burns.

Among the suspects?

Tito Puente!

From what I recall of the episode, Tito (playing himself) had been hired by the school following an oil discovery and then quickly fired by the school when Mr. Burns actually drilled for the oil first (thus claiming the rights to the valuable resource).

But (*spoiler alert*) as shown in the season seven opener, Tito was not the assailant; instead, he chose to get his revenge on Burns through song!




The title is of this 1958 recording is apt, it really is a 37 minute and 50 second dance party.

The music shifts seamlessly between tracks and the emphasis on percussion is right up my street.

As I learned with Dance Mania, it turns out that I’m a fan of the Timbales, especially when performed by this particular Timbalero.

Every time the 1001 book gets revised, old albums are removed to make room for new releases.

As far as I know, Dance Mania is still in the more recent editions (I’m going through the original 2005 edition), which is right where this album ought to be.

Although I suppose the injustice of removing Dance Mania from the list would be softened somewhat by being able to modify his classic Simpsons line:

They robbed the list of Tito!


Verbalize the Positive

Happy Civic Holiday Weekend!

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  1. If I remember correctly, it was there in the 2014 edition.

  2. I’m not familiar with this Tito, but I’m intrigued. I shall check it out!

    • It’s a fun toe-tapper – I imagine the young man might approve!

      • Oh, I dare say he will if there’s fun and toe-tapping involved.

  3. How do you come up with this stuff?

  4. Amazing. Sometimes it seems that The Simpsons holds the answers to all the questions of life.

  5. Question Geoff? Are you going to be reviewing the updated albums from the book?

    • I hadn’t planned on doing it – I suppose if I did, I’d wait until the 2021 edition, because I imagine even some updated albums since 2005 may end up getting removed by then!

  6. Fantastic stuff. Dance away!

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