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50 Reviews in 119 days

August 3, 2017


Countdown Timer courtesy of


As I started the 1001 albums project on December 1, 2011, theoretically I should be at album review #601 by December 1, 2017.

And yesterday I just posted review #551…so it appears I’ve got to pick up the pace to meet my rigid, self-inflicted deadlines!

Which means:

a) The artist of the week quizzes will continue, business as usual, posted on Sunday mornings

b) Each artist of the week should still have at least 1 album review during its featured week

c) Many of the reviews over the next few months will be for albums by other, non-quiz-featured artists

And life will somehow go on 🙂


Verbalize the Positive

Thank you all for being a part of this journey!

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  1. You can do it!

    That’s not far off from your goal, you’re within reach.

  2. Hey science and technology man, wot about a real live counter?

  3. Lot of listening and writing to do! May the Force be with you!

  4. How about combining some albums for a single review, like you did with the Doors one? That might help you catch up.☺

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    Echoing Mike’s sentiments, “You can do it!”, but imagining myself shouting it in my worst Rob Schneider impression voice.

  6. The Heat is on! hahaha….
    How cool is that you can stump this ol buzzard for a little while longer!

  7. Keep it up Geoff. Remember I’m coming up to meet you when you make it! I’ve got about 20 years to go…:(

  8. Sounds like a plan!

  9. Go! Go! Go!

  10. Going back through all these old posts of yours (playing hiatus and holiday-induced catch-up), I thought there were more posts from you than usual! Good on ya, Geoff! You seem to be blasting forward with aplomb, self-inflicted deadlines be damned.

    NB: Self-inflicted deadlines and series requirements were one part of why I took this hiatus in the first place, so just be sure not to lose yourself in the process!

    • And thank you very much Aaron for catching up on all these posts, much appreciated!
      I reckon I’ll slow down again on Dec. 1st, that’s good advice about the risks of the self-inflicted deadlines & requirements.
      And with aplomb, that’s how I was hoping to be blasting forward!

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