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Top 5 Jo(h)nnys Be Good

June 17, 2017


Excellent logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming


Awkward wordplay in the title, perhaps.

But there was nothing awkward about the music created by these 5 Jo(h)nnys, enjoy!



5. Johnny Ramone
Likely inspired thousands to pick up a guitar and play along.


4. Johnny Thunders
The New York Dolls’ debut has been among my favourite new-to-me debuts from the list


3. Johnny Cash
It is Johnny Cash week ’round here but he’d be here on any week


2. Jonny Greenwood
How about that string bend just before the big reveal in the video?!


1. Johnny Marr
He was 23(!) when the Smiths broke up.


Verbalize the Positive

The Top 2 could really be a 1a/1b, two of my all-time favourites, regardless of birth name!

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  1. To go with your last series, did you know Priest covered Johnny B. Goode?

    Just glad Jon Bon didn’t make this list πŸ™‚

    • I think I heard that version earlier this year – it might have been on your site actually. I seem to remember liking it!

  2. Johnny Rotten is gonna come and get you. He hates being ignored.

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    Those are a lot of great Johnnys! Can’t argue with a single one.

  4. Great list, Geoff! I’d have to add John Prine and John Fogerty

    • Cheers Danica – there seems to be a nice positive correlation between musicians named Johnny and their ability to create good music!

      • Maybe we need a chart! How about musicians originally named John? I’d include Ozzy….

      • Oooo, that could be a good Top 5 Danica, the artists formerly known as Johnny!

      • Yes πŸ™‚ Oh, and for this Top 5 I’d also have to add John Coltrane… maybe a Top 10 is in order for John & Johnny….

  5. Zack permalink

    Where’s John 5? This could have easily been a top 10.

    • I think I have you to thank Zack for the Johnny Ramone idea – I think you had a post where you had a quote, not everyone could be (Jimmy Page maybe?) but everyone could be Johnny Ramone!

      • Zack permalink

        I’ll take credit for that.

    • Beat me to it. πŸ˜‰

  6. Great list, won’t argue with any of them, though I might argue the order. But that’s just my bias and this is your site so as you were!

  7. Great list, I could have considered Johnny Fingers, keyboardist with The Boomtown Rats, but they were average weekend punks so I think your picks are safe.

    • My thanks Geoff – I don’t know much by The Boomtown Rats but I do quite like the keyboards in the songs I know!

  8. Johnny Cash 3rd!? Blasphemy, Geoff!

    I’d have Johnny Kidd in there (though his name was Fredrick) and it’d be hard to ignore Johnny Winter.

    So, to court controversy, Ramone and Thunders out. Marr can stay just cause of his work with Modest Mouse.

    • Marr is what got me into Modest Mouse – and I’m glad he did, there’s some good stuff there!

      • Don’t listen to J – he’s not punk enough.

      • Insufficiently punk? is there a harsher diss?!

      • It’s the truth, he’s too full of that there country stuff.

      • Modest Mouse are great. It was a surprise to see him among the band for We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank and even more surprising he was actually a member of the band proper for a while. I saw them on that tour and that’s when I actually started to appreciate his playing.

      • I quite liked the story behind how he was hired – they decided they wanted a guitarist that sounded like Marr and eventually someone said, why don’t we just ask Marr himself?!

  9. Jordan Richardson permalink

    “How about that string bend just before the big reveal in the video?!”

    God, yes. Remarkable.

    • Hear hear!
      And as a movie critic – would you say this is among the finest music videos?
      It would be in my top 5!

      • Jordan Richardson permalink

        It’s definitely up there.

  10. Tangled Up In Music permalink

    +1 for Johnny Rotten, I just got into PiL’s first few albums. Interesting fact about Marr, didn’t know that. Also, be sure to check out L.A.M.F. by the Heartbreakers, Thunders’ punk band after New York Dolls broke up, if you haven’t. One of my favorite punk albums.

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