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Top 5 Metal Alloy Tracks

June 7, 2017


Excellent logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming


I learned (or more likely re-learned) this week that steel is not a metal, instead an alloy of metals.

At first, I was mildly disappointed, as I thought Judas Priest’s British Steel was a nice title for UK-produced Heavy Metal.

But upon further reflection, learning that steel is a combination of metals is even better; the genre of metal music is so sub-categorized that most sub-genres are likely combinations rather than distinct elements.

So therefore, an ode to alloys: rather than celebrating the metals found on the periodic table of the elements, here’s to the songs named after the metal alloys!*


5. Beastie Boys, Brass Monkey
Definitely a catchy, if somewhat obnoxious, hook.


4. Queens of the Stone Age, The Bronze
It wasn’t on my version of the self-titled album but it wouldn’t have hurt its cause either.


3. Public Enemy, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
Chuck D is likely my favourite MC.


2. Judas Priest, Steeler
Easily the best riffs on this list…


1. The Pretenders, Brass in Pocket
…but Chrissie & the gang have the best track (and parent album for that matter)


Verbalize the Positive

*I would be honoured to add a YouTube link to your video here if any readers feel inspired to write & record a metal-alloy song that name-checks Duralumin!

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  1. Ummm I think The Stones Steel Wheels could slide in the top 5..

    • Yup, thought of that one too!

    • Great shout, but Steel Wheels is an album, not a track… Hmm…

      How about You Got The Silver? 😉

    • just looked up the group that sang stuck in the middle with you – it’s Stealer’s wheel, I was hoping it might have been STEELer’s wheel, alas!

  2. jprobichaud permalink

    Never heard of Duralumin but Tricky had a nifty track called “Black steel”.

    • I remember I wasn’t as into Maxinquaye as I felt I should be – but that track was a positive standout, nifty even!

  3. Brass in Pocket is a great choice. I’m at a loss to come up with more that aren’t just songs about steel.

  4. Here’s a New Zealand choice – Split Enz: Bold As Brass, with a teenage Neil Finn on guitar.

  5. Are precious metals a sub-category? Pretty big one, I suspect.

  6. Metallica “Ecstasy Of Gold” might be a strong contender.

  7. BRASS MONKEY! Beasties FTW!

  8. Great to see Queens of the Stone Age in there. One of my favourites. Hard to argue with any of the choices, really.

    I would have Wheels of Steel (Saxon) and Steel My Girl from the Neon Neon album.

  9. Public Enemy’s “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos” — also at the top of the prison-riot songs chart.

    I got a letter from the government
    The other day
    I opened and read it
    It said they were suckers
    They wanted me for their army or whatever
    Picture me given’ a damn, I said never …

    • I’ve only heard those 3 PE albums from 88-91, but what a trio of records – Chuck D had so many great lines!

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