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Top 5 Cool &/or Ice Stage Names

May 23, 2017


Excellent logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming


“What’s cooler than bein’ cool? Ice Cold!”
– Outkast, Hey Ya!

I couldn’t think of 5 “Cool” stage names to properly celebrate LL Cool J week.

Nor could I think of 5 “Ice” names.

But put ’em together, we’ll see if “Ice” is in fact, cooler than bein’ “Cool!”



5. Vanilla Ice
Apparently coming to Kingston this fall, I might have to go!


4. Ice T
The guy who sang Cop Killer has spent the last 17 years playing an NYPD officer on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


3. Ice Cube
Bonus marks for a stage name that lends itself nicely to a word puzzle (Ice to the exponent 3)


2. LL Cool J
Although I usually applaud modesty, having “Ladies Love” as a permanent part of a stage name is audacious enough to work…


1. Tré Cool
…but nothing works better than an accent aigus.


Verbalize the Positive

When I attempted to add a tag of “Tré Cool” to this post, it kept autocorrecting to “Very cool.”

Which can only confirm Tré Cool’s status as #1 on this list!

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  1. First to post! Yay!
    What about New Zealands Icehouse with “Hey Little Girl”? Their singer Iva Davis grew an all star classic mullet on the back of the song’s success.

  2. Kool & The Gang? If alternative spellings (to sound cooler) are permissible that is.

    Tre Cool is such a hard name to pull off. I also like how it looks like a name and a surname.

    • And I’m realizing I forgot about ‘Coolio’ as well – there may have to be a cool/kool list at some point!

      • Oh yes, Coolio! I was reading the 1001 book yesterday, and was reminded of your list when I came across Miles Davis’s album Birth of Cool. That’s a bold claim, though a great album name! I wonder if a ‘cool’ list for album names is possible.

        A question on the 1001. Does your copy bear the cover that is your gravatar? I came across an edition that has Debbie Harry on the cover (instead of Elvis or Mick Jagger, which is interesting). I was thinking of potentially buying it, and would love to get that edition, though I couldn’t see which year it was.

      • My copy is the one with the guy with headphones, yes! I`m not sure when the most recent revision was, I`d be interested to see which albums they`ve deemed replaceable.
        Nice to hear Debbie was their choice for one of the covers!

      • And interestingly, her photo was from a solo album that I’m pretty sure won’t make the list. I feel validated somehow that the folks at 1001 associate her with ‘albums’ to hear before you die, because she doesn’t get enough credit for her musical abilities!
        My edition is from 2014. I’m looking forward to doing a book review, so I’ll see if I can include a list of newer albums (or if older albums have been added newly). I’m reading chronologically, and the text is very uneven. Some of it is good, but some very cringey!

      • I look forward to that book review Amrita!

  3. Hard to argue with that list. Ice Cube is my favourite, though. He’s just great. Plus, I’ve noticed he often appears to be shouting his lines when I see him in something.

  4. Different spelling but Kool Moe Dee.

  5. Albert Ice Man Collins.

  6. I’d put Cool Hand Luke at #1 if this were about movies.

    • And that one would get bonus marks for the ‘failure to communicate’ quote resurfacing in GNR’s Civil War!

  7. One of these things is not like the others… I think Vanilla Ice is lucky to be on this list.

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