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Top 5 ‘Hotel’ Songs

May 9, 2017


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Elton John might have the best song about moderately priced lodgings with Holiday Inn.

But alas, no 5-letter sequence H-O-T-E-L in the title, and thus, ineligible for this Top 5.

So will The Eagles end up in the Top spot, during their stay as Artist of the Week?

It’ll be close!


5. Elvis Presley, Heartbreak Hotel
A fine opening line.


4. The White Stripes, Hotel Yorba
As with Mr. Presley, I’m not sure if I’ve ever embraced The White Stripes as much as I feel I oughtta. But much like Heartbreak Hotel, I still like Hotel Yorba regardless.


3. Tori Amos, Hotel
Part of an exceptionally strong run of her records in the 90s.


2. The Eagles, Hotel California
The best song about a hotel on the west coast…

1. Wilco, Hotel Arizona
…but a hotel one state further east takes the #1 spot.


Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to fellow bloggers/readers/writers/music enthusiasts for adding so many other deserving songs/artists in the comments each time I do a Top 5!

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  1. What? No Chelsea Hotel?!?!

  2. Oh, that’s a list without Leonard! Chelsea Hotel #2 or Paper Thin Hotel would make mine. Probably both, actually. Hotel Majestic by Fountains Of Wayne, too… and Jesse Malin’s Hotel Columbia. All joining Wilco. No Eagles here. No sir.

    • Fountains of Wayne! Good get James!

      • Gotta love some Fountains Of Wayne!

    • At least we had the Wilco overlap!
      I’ve got Hotel Majestic playing as I type – Fountains of Wayne is a group that I’ve liked everything I’ve heard, I’ve just foolishly never invested in one of their albums.
      I suspect that will change soon enough!

      • They have so many great songs and I can’t recommend any of their albums enough. Each of them are accessible and filled to the brim with catchy hooks!

  3. Ah but you got away, didn’t you babe,
    You just turned your back on the crowd,
    You got away, I never once heard you say,
    I need you, I don’t need you,
    I need you, I don’t need you
    And all of that jiving around.

  4. There’s also one by Aussie band Skyhooks, “Hotel Hell”.

  5. Europe ‘Seven Doors Hotel’ and The Misfits ‘Horror Hotel’ are outrageous omissions!

  6. Think that slick-haired crooner guy did one too. Chris Isaak, I mean.

  7. The only one I can think of is Quiet Riot’s Twilight Hotel, but don’t know if that one would even make my list, but a good one nonetheless.

  8. Thin Lizzy’s “Clifton Grange Hotel” and Motörhead’s “Fire Storm Hotel” fit the regulations. Neither reaches 5-star rating, but the super-early Lizzy includes some hot (and all-together looney) guitar heroism from Eric Bell, and the late-period Motörhead gives insight into how KISS would sound if they were fronted by Lemmy.

    • Both of those sound quite intriguing – looney guitar + a Lemmy-fronted Kiss, nice descriptions!

  9. Well back in my bar band daze me and Tbone had a song called ‘Hodder To Hell” Which Hodder is the street I grew up on and there was a bar a few blocks down called Hodder Hotel …
    So the lyrics in the song went…

    ‘Hodder To Hell….wishing you well from the Hodder Hotel!”

    I found a guy here in Tbay who will transfer from cassette to cd so I plan on taking my tape down to see what he can do…
    Want to make these tracks available to everyone so hang tight…

    • The Hodder Hotel – can’t wait to hear it Deke!
      I’m anticipating it would make a future Top 5 Hotel list 😉
      And my goodness, what a save Lundqvist made on Karlsson in the 1st period!

  10. Hate to admit it, but “Hotel California” would be my number one.

    • Although not a huge fan of the group, I do still like that song, even after hearing it hundreds of times!

      • Me too, a lot of their stuff bores me to tears, but this one is a genuine classic.

  11. Chelsea Hotel missing!! But thanks for reminding me of Choir girl! Haven’t heard that album in a while (Under the Pink and Boys for Pele are the ones that I always kept close)

    • And Little Earthquakes was the only one that made the 1001 list – not a miss in that quartet though!

      • Of course, the wonderful Little Earthquakes (Crucify, Silent all these yeard, Winter, Precious Things…)! How could I forget that one, that I do keep close as well. I’m a bit shocked that the other two didn’t make the list!…

  12. Wow, thanks for this. I only knew “Hotel California”. As a hotelier I have to know all these songs now 🙂


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