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Top 5 “Sunshine” Songs

April 26, 2017


Excellent logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming


Sunshine of Your Love might be my favourite Cream track.

It’s not my favourite song with a prominent lyric featuring “Sunshine” (that might be Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz), nor my daughter’s (that might be Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling, frequently requested as Sunshine in My Pocket).

And the lads in Cream don’t pronounce “Sunshine” quite as creatively as Liam Gallagher (son-she-eye-nnn).

But it’s still among the Top Sunshine-titled tracks at least, enjoy!


5. Donovan, Sunshine Superman
Would likely make an appearance on a Top 5 Superman list as well.


4. Bill Withers, Ain’t No Sunshine
Likely the saddest of the Sunshine tracks.

3. Frank Turner, You Are My Sunshine
One of the many fine versions of the tune.


2. Cream, Sunshine of Your Love
Terrific riff.


1. The Beatles, Good Day Sunshine
That descending left-hand piano part brightens my day every time.


Verbalize the Positive

Loving the Spring weather this week, lots of son-she-eye-nnn!

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  1. Additionally, “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves. That song is way too happy.

    • I was going to mention that song too… you can’t leave that song off this list!

      • It has to be the sunshiniest of the sunshine tunes!

      • I’ve been going more “The sun is up, I’m so happy I could scream…” lately. To me, that’s the sunshiniest!

      • Mint Car!!!
        One of my all-time favourites – well played Amrita 😀

      • I thought I knew all the big hits by The Cure, until I heard this. I’ve no idea why this wasn’t one. Did the world temporarily go deaf in 1997? It’s PERFECT. “I really don’t think it gets any better than this.”

      • *smiling ear to ear reading the closing quote*
        I adore the album Wild Mood Swings – highly recommend. And there’s a track on the Mint Car single (named a Pink Dream) which might be almost as wonderful!

      • I’m catching up on all the albums I didn’t listen to before. Definitely going to listen to Wild Mood Swings this weekend!

      • I look forward to hearing your thoughts Amrita!

      • Yes you can.


  2. Also Steal My Sunshine.

    Although I love Frank Turner, I always think of Johnny Cash’s version.

    I really enjoy your list.

    My favourite sun related song is another Beatles song, Here Comes The Sun ( do do do do)

  3. Hard to argue with most of those, although I also enjoy this Super Furry Animals’ album opener:

  4. I’d have Cream and Bill in mine, but the others would be replaced by White Zombie (Black Sunshine), Ryan Bingham (Sunshine) and Josh Rouse (Sunshine (Come On Lady)). Hurrah for sunshine!

    • Those 3 are new to me – Hurrah for that, and the sun!

      • I think you’d particularly like Josh Rouse. Check out 1972… full of sunshine (I generally listen to it a fair bit when we start getting the sun).

      • And the sunny weather has arrived here, it may be time for Mr. Rouse!

  5. Slight variation for mine:

    • No arguments from me about that variation – In the Jailhouse now would easily be on my Top 5 Jail songs list!

      • For sure…that was actually Tim Blake Nelson singing too. Multi-talented guy. And father of Kimmy (and Kymmi) Schmidt!

      • Poor other daughter Kymmi – I’m excited for season 3, whenever it arrives!

    • Was there a list or link here, Mike? I don’t see anything… I’m on my phone though so maybe it’s an app issue….

      • Hi Danica, it’s an embedded youtube video for “You Are My Sunshine” from the O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack. You should be able to see it on a PC.

      • Thanks! I’ll check when I’m on a PC.

  6. Glad Waling on Sunshine wasn’t on the list. I hate that song. It is so overplayed and in every freaking romantic comedy movie. Make it stop!!!

  7. Top tunes! Can’t top that Geoff.

  8. I’d add “Sunshine” by Nazareth

  9. What no ‘Steal my Sunshine’ by Len?!

    • Hard times have fallen on Len.
      Never being able to live down his one hit wonder status, he would be more concerned if you stole his moonshine.

    • And they’re Canadian too!

      • Shhh. Don’t tell people that.

      • I didn’t know that. I shan’t hold that against them though, it’s probably not their fault.

      • Apparently, someone thought they weren’t the “real Len”, kidnapped them, and is keeping them hostage in Canada.
        Hence the Canadian citizenship.

  10. I missed this post ages ago. Here I am now!

    Hm. My iTunes says Nazareth and Kenny Rogers have songs called Sunshine. So do the Waltons from their Lik My Traktor album.

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