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Top 5 “Top of the Mind” Leonards

April 12, 2017


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Something a little different for today’s Top 5.

In fact, I practically insist you play along!

Step 1: Acquire a pencil & paper

Step 2: Write down the names of the first 5 people named “Leonard” that come to mind.

Step 3: Share your Leonards in the comments below

Ready, Set, Go!










As for my Top 5 “Top of the Mind” Leonards?

5. Leonard from the Big Bang Theory
The last name alas did not immediately spring to mind

4. Leonard Maltin, The Movie Critic
I always enjoyed his yearly movie guides

3. Leonard Bernstein, Composer/Conductor/etc.
As shouted by R.E.M.!

2. Leonard Nimoy
Though admittedly I pictured him on The Simpsons, specifically the timeless Monorail episode

1. Leonard Cohen
Well, it is his week after all.


Verbalize the Positive

In that monorail episode, Leonard Nimoy delivered the ever-quotable line, “No, the world needs laughter.”

And I’ve been laughing about that episode for decades now, my thanks!

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  1. Zack permalink

    Cohen, Nimoy, Bruce, Kravitz…ummmm.
    Hey, four isn’t that bad.

    • Not too shabby at all – and Leonard Bruce was name-checked in the REM song with Leonard Bernstein as well!

      • Zack permalink

        I only know the chorus and ‘Six o’ clock TV hour’ line.
        It’s a lot like the scene in Tommy Boy when I try singing along.

  2. Do surnames count? Robert Sean Leonard from House M.D. and Dead Poets Society then. Does the Italian spelling qualify? I know of a Da Vinci and a Di Caprio then.

    • I’d say they count – and the Italian spellings would have the sequence of letters l-e-o-n-a-r-d so I’d say they’re eligible too!

  3. I got four. Cohen, Nimoy, Bernstein and… Lenny Leonard. Ha!

  4. The hockey fan in this old timer thought of Leonard “Red” Kelly.

  5. Nimoy
    Elmore Leonard
    Len Glover ( iconic 1970’s footballer)

    • I wasn’t familiar with the name Elmore Leonard – but I checked out his list of credits, I think I’d like to read some of those novels!

      • It’s almost inconceivable that you’ve never seen a film of one of them – there have been dozens.

      • Oh I’ve seen some of the films – just haven’t read the original source material!

  6. I’d make all 5 Leonard Cohen.

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