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Leonard Cohen – Songs from a Room (1969)

April 11, 2017


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[Album 532/1001]

I play ball hockey every monday night.

Usually, I carpool with a friend.

But for a stretch of a few weeks in a row, he was unable to go, and I made the trip alone.

Or I should say, Leonard & I made the quiet night drive together.




A night drive with an emphasis on quiet; on my CD, the recording level was significantly lower than the radio volume.

Maybe that was a strategic move, to draw the listeners closer, creating a more intimate listening environment?

Not to mention the CD case itself: the CD packaging contained the front cover, a tracklist, and…that is all.

No lyrics, no instrument credits, no thank yous.

Was this also pure strategy? Let the songs do the talking?

Whatever the grand scheme, it worked, as when I’ve been driving alone at night recently, Leonard is the voice that I’ve wanted to hear.220px-Songs_from_a_room

If Nick Drake’s Pink Moon represents the ultimate soundtrack for a solitary evening drive, Leonard Cohen’s Songs from a Room isn’t far off.

It’s a highly reliable substitute; sort of like in hockey, how some teams have a #1a / #1b goalie tandem, rather than a distinct #1 starter / #2 backup pairing.

Although my carpooling friend has returned to ball hockey, I have a feeling Songs from a Room will stay in the car all the same.

As of course, there are six other nights in the week.

And if I have to pop out independently to run some errands on one of the other nights?

I’ll think of the closing track on Songs from a Room and smile, thinking, “yes, Tonight will be fine.”


Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to all the non-hockey-obsessed spouses of the world (to all the wonderful folks who might say they “didn’t give a (hoot) about hockey”)

I’ll likely be capable of discussing very little else during the next couple of weeks (the first round of the NHL playoffs).

So if, like me, you’re fortunate to live your life with someone who tolerates your inexplicable interest in such things, please join me in a toast to supportive spouses!

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  1. I pulled my re-issue of Songs from a Room when Leonard died last year, but have yet to spin it. That will be remedied, thanks to your lovely restrained piece. Nicely done indeed.

  2. Washington in 5.

  3. Jays opener tonight at Rogers Centre! Can’t wait!!!

  4. I am unable to properly comment on the wonders of this record due to my incredible bias. But yeah, it’s awesome. Night driving is great for Leonard for sure!

    Speaking of hockey, I was at the OHL game tonight, my town versus the Soo Greyhounds. It was game 4 in the series (in which we were down 2-1). We won the game tonight 4-2 so it’s back up to the Soo for game 5. What a game!

    • Well done by the Attack! Alas the Frontenacs are down 3-0 in their series, maybe they’ve just got a flair for the dramatic though, wanting to make the big comeback!

  5. One of my favourite Leonard albums; a highlight in a discography of highlights.

    Also listened to this one a great deal during some late night commutes in the car.

    • From my limited experience so far, it definitely does seem like Cohen’s catalogue has no shortage of highlights!

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