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Deep Purple – Made in Japan (1972)

April 4, 2017



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[Album 530/1001]

Back to the Future III
Doc Brown: “No wonder the circuit failed, It says Made in Japan.”
Marty McFly: “What do you mean Doc? All the best stuff is made in Japan.”
Doc Brown: “Unbelievable”


When the above conversation is applied to Deep Purple’s Made in Japan, Marty & Doc are both partially right.

With regard to Doc, in my case, Made in Japan was ‘cheap’ in that it was inexpensive to procure; I scooped the tape years ago at a garage sale for 25 cents.

From a quality perspective however, his argument collapses, as the songs don’t seem carelessly performed & the band’s full sound doesn’t seem like it would be the thriftiest of productions.

And unlike the circuit from the movie clip, this Made in Japan product did not “fail.”

As for Marty, not having ventured too deep in the Purple catalogue myself, I don’t know if the set list here includes all of the band’s “best stuff.”

That being said, it feels like a running order that can be agreed upon by Deep Purple neophytes & lifers alike.

For me, someone who would likely fall somewhere in between, Made in Japan checks all the right boxes:


Live Album Checklist


While I imagine that a Deep Purple show in 2017 would include plenty of material from the last 45 years, in 1972, this show feels like a good representation of220px-Deep_Purple_Made_in_Japan the group at the time.

It feels like they would have been something to see in person, as not many bands can stretch 7 songs into 75+ minutes!

And while the track list might not feature all of Deep Purple’s eventual ‘best’ material, I can see why people would be as incredulous as Marty McFly, if someone were to suggest that there was a superior live album from the early ‘70s.

Are you kidding me?

All the best stuff (in those days) was on Made in Japan.



Verbalize the Positive

Although garage sales don’t always reveal humanity at its finest, I’m grateful for all the sales in Kingston that have provided such affordable cassette/CD/LP versions of these 1001 albums.

At numerous houses, I’ve asked, how much for this/that tape? And I think they’re so
surprised that someone would be buying a cassette in the 21st century that they’ve laughed, asked for a quarter, and we’ve both left the transaction feeling fine!

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  1. Tangled Up In Music permalink

    I need to get this. I only have In Rock, Fireball and Machine Head.

    • You have their three best studio albums!

      • Tangled Up In Music permalink

        Yeah, I like them. What else do you recommend?

      • Perfect Strangers is a must. I’d also make an argument for Purpendicular and possibly Who Do We Think We Are.

      • I’m no expert, but Come Taste The Band is worth checking out too.

      • Absolutely. Some fans think it’s too different.

        I am not one of those fans.

      • I need to pick up Machine Head. Reckon that’s my next Deep Purple experience.

      • That’s a good one to experience. Or you could wait until Thursday to decide (hint hint).

      • (wink wink)!

      • Oh! I’ll mark ‘Deep Purple decision making’ in the calendar.

      • How did you fair?

      • I have In Rock, so I’ll delve in to Machine Head and the Mark II stuff. That a safe bet?

      • Tangled Up In Music permalink

        Nice. I think they’re one of the better hard rock bands, along with Aerosmith and Zeppelin.

  2. Utterly classic double live album.
    Or single cassette.

  3. THE live album. And it’s not for everybody. But Uncle Meat feels that this version of Child in Time is the greatest ever. The solo section might be Blackmore’s very best.

    My recommendation: before Made in Japan, curious buyers should hear Deepest Purple first. Just to get familiar before they dive into Made in Japan.

    • I had a feeling you’d approve of this recording Mike!
      That’s good advice for maximum enjoyment – thanks!

      • I do approve, Geoff. It’s one of the top 10 historic live albums. It’s up there with Live at Leeds for history.

      • Live at Leeds was the album that converted me to being a Who fan!

  4. I haven’t heard this. But I’m guessing I need to at some point, eh? The only live stuff I have are two Live at Montreux sets, which I reckon are pretty good.

    • And I haven’t heard those – but it sounds like Deep Purple + Live = a winning combo, regardless of the venue!

      • That’s certainly my experience of the live sets.

  5. Great stuff. I’m kind of fearing reviewing Deep Purple. I can’t fault them on any objective level, it’s probably some of the better dad rock music out there.

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