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Top 5 Guitarists Named James

March 31, 2017


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“I’ll call you Jimmy, they call you James; don’t ever change”
– Everything but the Girl, These Early Days

Hendrix is easily the top guitarist called “Jimi.”

But was he the best of the guitarists called James?

Top 5 time!


5. James Yoshinobu Iha
His strumming in the Tonight, Tonight video is inimitable!


4. James Vernon Taylor
Sweet Baby James makes an appearance on the 1001.


3. James Alan Hetfield


2. James Patrick Page
But it’s as close to a tie for 1st as it gets.


1. James Marshall Hendrix
He really did take over.


Verbalize the Positive

My daughter has started talking in the third person recently, it’s been fun listening to her explain what Becca wants. And that it reminds me of “The Jimmy” from Seinfeld doesn’t hurt the entertainment value in the least!

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  1. One guy who flew under the radar as he passed on decades ago was James Honeyman Scott from the Pretenders. By the time I got around to listening to them both him and the Player,Pete Farndon were gone..
    That Chrissie Hynde is one tuff bird….

    • Is he the one that played on the debut? It’s the only Pretenders album I have (and it’s splendid) – but he would belong on this list for his work on Lovers for Today on its own, fantastic guitar patterns on that track!

  2. I was also thinking of Honeymoon. He would be close for me. So would Iha, Taylor, Martin (FNM), McCulloch, Root(Slipknot), Young (Styx), West (Weird Al).

    My list would be Hetfield, Johnson (Muscle Shoals), Vaughn, Hendrix, Page.

  3. I’d bump James Taylor and add Jimmie Vaughan, but that’d be my own bias. Can’t argue with your #1 though. Nope, no way, not one bit.

    • Hendrix feels like one of my least controversial #1 picks (as long as Page is #2)!

    • Hard to argue with that. I would also have Jimmie Vaughan if Jimmie’s were allowed. I’d throw Hetfield out and have James Dean Bradfield in there (I’m not really a fan of the band, but he’s really a pretty great player… especially in the live setting).

      • I only have the one album so far – and I forgot his name was James! But anyone whose playing is even better live is list-worthy

  4. On the indie scene, that guy ain’t too bad

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