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The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Electric Ladyland (1968)

March 31, 2017


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[Album 529/1001]


Intentionally outrageous headlines to drive traffic (and thus advertising revenue) via link-clicking.

And the reward for curious viewers at the end of the click? A disappointing pay-off.

It’s hard to imagine anyone having anything positive to say about such articles.


Conversely, it’s hard to imagine anyone having anything negative to say about Jimi Hendrix.

But imagine, just for a second, a reviewer having the audacity to complain about a Hendrix recording.

Think of the sensational headlines! The sheer click-ability of it all!

Now, I earn approximately (precisely) $0 from advertising revenue on this site.

And I’m not sure how to set up links to earn such lucrative “clicks.”

So instead, I’ll attempt some scrollbait (?) with the following all-caps, outrageous headline:







(has the ad revenue kicked in yet?)






(scandalous reveal a mere scroll away!)







On my LP of Electric Ladyland, for some reason, side A & side D are on the first record, side B & C are on the second.

Due to this A-D-B-C sequencing order, the spacing between Voodoo Chile on side A and its companion track, Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), on side D isn’t optimal.260px-Jimi_Hendrix_-_Electric_Ladyland

The sequencing under the A-B-C-D format would be better.

And that my friends is the disappointing pay-off, as the rest of my experience with this album was fantastic.

So I suppose the take away lesson?

Boourns to clickbait/scrollbait.

Yes please to The Jimi Hendrix Experience.


Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to all writers who value quality of content over quantity of clicks!

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  1. Haha. Top Ten Reasons Why This Isn’t Clickbait! (You won’t believe #7!) .

    Pretty sure you have to have your own domain to set up ads on your blog. I don’t think the free sites will do it.

    Yup, this record is fantastic.

    • Haha, well played!
      I have less than no interest in ever trying to do ads on the site (I recognize they’ll put them in as I’m on the free plan) – but after discussions with my students when they were designing websites, they universally despise ads & really respect the sites that only feature information about what you visited the site for in the first place!

      • Less than no interest? Wow, that’s some pretty strong apathy!

        Interesting that your students despise the ads, when they’re probably the most marketed-to generation ever. I wonder if for them it’s just part of the landscape.

  2. click click click….
    (thats all i got)

  3. You do know about this, I presume? It dates from auto-changer turntable days where you’d stack your not-so-precious LPs on a spindle and they’d drop down one by one when a side finished. The stylus would then crash down (the arm was commonly dumb-bell weight) and off you’d go. Hence you’d stack it for Side 1 (disc one) then Side 2 (on disc 2) then flip them both over for 3 and 4. But you probably knew all that, being a History major, eh?

    • Just read this after I posted by bit – this puts it way better!

    • I must have skipped that lecture 😉
      Auto-changer turntables – and here I was over-exerting myself, switching the first record out manually to keep the A-B-C-D sequence intact.
      The hardships we endure for our music Bruce!

  4. It’s from ye olden days of auto changer turntables, my copy of Shaft is the same.

    Or if you’re really cool and have two decks set up at home you can play it all through without wasting a nanosecond.

  5. Tangled Up In Music permalink

    Great writing. My favorite Hendrix LP. Somebody once said that what Kubrick did for film in the same year with 2001 Hendrix did for music with this album.

    • Cheers Ovidiu!
      I’d agree with that assessment of Hendrix’s contributions in ’67 and ’68 – the term ‘game-changer’ is tossed around frequently, but it’s apt here

  6. Luckily I don’t have to worry about sequencing, I managed to buy the first three JHE albums on cd at a library sale.
    Biggest problem with Hendrix is not the music, but the tracklist for Are You Experienced. The US version contained some of Hendrix’s best known singles, which were omitted from the British edition of the LP.

  7. I still find it hard to believe that this was released in 1967. There’s nothing else that sounds like it from that particular year.

  8. sorry 68…lol

  9. Great album. Actually nice to know there are others out there with ‘made for auto-changer’ records. My copy of Sinatra at The Sands is the same (I have been known to put the sides on in the wrong order!).

    • Now I’m curious to check which of my double LPs have the ABCD vs. ADBC format!

      • It’d be curious to learn whether there was one label that manufactured more (my Sinatra album is also on Reprise).

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