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The Jimi Hendrix Filing Experience

March 29, 2017


Exemplary logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

3 albums in their discography, 3 albums on the 1001 list.

Not bad for a year and a half (May 1967 – October 1968) of studio recordings.

The question is, where/how does one file this hat trick of albums by The Jimi Hendrix Experience?


A) In the poll above, please advise!

B) If you’ve done a post (and I know some of you have written some entertaining ones recently) about how to properly organize a record collection, please share a link in the comments below.

C) Listen to the 3 Jimi Hendrix Experience albums at your earliest possible convenience!


Verbalize the Positive

A tip of the hat to all those who have posted recently about optimal record categorization & organization.

You inspired this poll & you confused me (in a good way) as to what exactly I should do with my Jimi Hendrix Experience albums!

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  1. I don’t know if I’ve written anything about organizing! I know others have. I voted and I’m pretty sure you can guess how I voted. As a Record Store guy it’s the same method used in store!

    • So far your pick is out to an early lead!
      I suppose I should have put an option F – albums played too often to be put away, filing method unnecessary!

      • Yeah I have a few of those! And three shelves came down on Monday — that’s 75 CDs currently needing to be refiled when I fix the shelves.

  2. Most amusing, Mr S.
    Here was my introduction to the joys of filing…

  3. And here was the main feature.

    The comments are entertaining in both.

  4. Voted! Usually, I’d file under band name — which would be “J” — In this case, however, I’d file under “H” so all Hendrix material can be found in one place.

    • I’ve traditionally filed him under “H” as well – but I agree, theoretically the “J” is a logical spot, but with anything involving Hendrix, I picture the letter “H” immediately!

      • Yes! Now, if the only Hendrix albums in the collection were Jimi Hendrix Experience, then they’d be filed under “J”.

  5. Jenn permalink

    Huh. I just checked how we classify at the library and was shocked (and appalled) to see that there is no uniformity. “Are you experienced” and “Axis: Bold as Love” are under Hendrix. “Electric Ladyland” and “BBC Sessions”, as well the Blu-Ray of “Live at Monterey” are under JimiH. From a rules of classification perspective, I voted band name.

    • That’s curious that the first 2 albums were sorted differently – I just checked, the Kingston system is equally puzzling.
      The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Live at Berkeley is CD Popular “Jimi” & their Live at Monterey is CD Popular “Hendr.”
      Yet the Monterey Blu-Ray is JimiH in Vaughan!

  6. Personally, I file it under “S” for “The 60s” and in reverse chronological order within that.

  7. Definitely under H for me. What would you file The Steve Miller Band under?

    • Good question – likely “M” (I file Dave Matthews band under “M” but I recently saw I’d filed the Matthew Good Band under “M” as well).
      So I suppose I’m consistently inconsistent!

  8. In most cases I’m a last-name filer so all of Hendrix goes under “H” in my collection. Sure, the JHE were a band, but it’s really Jimi’s show, and it makes things easier than having some titles under “J” and others under “H.”

    • I would have to agree – if it’s featuring Hendrix, it’s going to be under “H” for me too!

  9. I have no views on this issue.

  10. I just went through a whole filing thing. It’s all on the KMA. Of course, I’m not completely done the project yet, but when I am it oughta be pretty straight forward.

    Hendrix is easy to file. He goes under ‘W’ for ‘whizzbanger.’

    • You were one of the bloggers who inspired this filing question Aaron – and that W filing is apt!

  11. Late to the discussion, but it’s a case of ‘file under H’ from me.

    • And I just checked the results, 10 out of 15 say “H.”
      So a reduced fraction of 2 out of 3 say “H” – that ain’t bad!

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