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Pink Floyd – The Wall (1979)

March 24, 2017

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[Album 526/1001]

“Did not catch the picture show”
– The Good Lovelies, Oh, What a Thing

Do you need to see the picture show to appreciate the movie soundtrack?

Well, like most things, that depends.

When in doubt, a 2×2 matrix to help explain.





Scenario 1: Didn’t see the movie, didn’t immediately ‘dig’ the soundtrack

In this case, I’m talkin’ ’bout Shaft.

I didn’t really immerse in the score as a stand-alone.

But then I watched the film, I really enjoyed it, and my enjoyment of the score climbed accordingly.

So technically it wouldn’t be in the same spot in the matrix any more (now it would be YES/drifting towards HIGH) but the NO/LOW would have been its original placement.


Scenario 2: No movie, no problem

As was the case with Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly.

The song lyrics advanced the plot, I felt like I’d seen the movie after the soundtrack.


Scenario 3: Saw the movie, an already awesome soundtrack became even awesome-er

As with Purple Rain.

I just wish my copy of the soundtrack had the Morris Day & The Time songs as bonus tracks!


Scenario 4: Will I enjoy The Wall soundtrack more if I see the movie?

What say you, Floyd fans?PinkFloydWallCoverOriginalNoText

Is it imperative to see the film to fully appreciate the double album?

Or if I see the film, would my enjoyment level be the same, causing the album to end up in its projected matrix position?

The enjoyment score of ‘Low’ is a bit misleading, as I don’t necessarily dread re-listens.

But I also don’t look forward to re-listens, the way I did with Wish You Were Here.

Is my Floyd marathon this week perhaps too ambitious, have/will I inevitably hit the…point of exhaustion, like runners in an actual marathon?

Maybe there’s a play on words with running into some sort of an insurmountable brick barrier in there somewhere?


Verbalize the Positive

My wonderful wife & I had the privilege of seeing Purple Reign, a Prince tribute show, in Vegas last week.

*Spoiler alert* It was spectacular, they really did their homework!

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  1. Zack permalink

    I’d suggest watching the movie. There are a few songs on it that aren’t featured on the album.

    • That’s what I found with Purple Rain – some of songs in the film that weren’t on the soundtrack were my favourites!

  2. I like the album but I though the film was total arse.

  3. Avoid the movie at all costs, although I have seen it many times, I was young, stupid and in the thrall of peer pressure. Listen to other Floyd albums instead they are better.

  4. I’d recommend watching the film. Just as a film, it’s like one of those things you must watch before you die. In isolation, maybe the music is superior, but I enjoyed the concept overall.

    Bollywood films market themselves by releasing the soundtracks, especially song sequences as music videos. In fact, many films that are inferior in terms of plot, performances etc, become hits because of the music. So, I’m overall quite comfortable with the idea of soundtrack before or sans movie!

    • I can think of a few of those films where the music performances make up for any plot deficiencies – I still have yet to see a Bollywood film, added to the to-do list as well!

      • What?! This needs to be remedied ASAP. You must have them on Netflix in Canada, or on Amazon Prime. I’d recommend one called Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, abbreviated as DDLJ, to start with. And a film called ‘Rock On’ which has a 90s style pop rock soundtrack.

      • DDLJ &/or Rock On will be my starting point – thanks for the suggestions!

  5. This is the one, a great gateway I think. It’s kind of everything you expect Pink Floyd to be.

    Interesting discussion on the movies. I have seen Shaft! Both the original and the Samuel L. Jackson reboot. But I have not seen The Wall and I honestly have no interest in seeing The Wall. I’ve seen Yellow Submarine, and once was plenty, although I eventually saw it twice.

    Zack is right about the songs in the movie not on the CD, but When the Tigers Broke Free is now available on the Final Cut CD. It’s also on the 2 CD best of that I love: Echoes – The Best of Pink Floyd!

    Bob Ezrin produced this who of course also did KISS’ Destroyer (shameless self promotion).

    • Those Bobs are busy producers!

      I remember trying to see the Shaft reboot in theatres but we got the movie times wrong (maybe looked at Saturday instead of Sunday showtimes) – and 17 years later, I still haven’t got around to it!

  6. I own this one, and was actually kind of daunted to try it. Everyone I know thought it was THE Floyd album (well, that and Dark Side Of The Moon), and I worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype. Now I guess I better finally try it, eh?

    • If you aren’t a big fan at first, I’ll have some good company.
      But if you are, you’ll be in good company with Mike & Brian & millions of others!

  7. Sorry I’m late scaling the wall here Geoff.

    This one polarises as much as The Final Cut. Fascinated to read Mike’s +ve (without the film). I’m in the ‘Nay’ camp, as a post from some time back hinted (see below for shameless self-promotion, but it’s one of my favourite post/stories).

    The film is perhaps even more self-indulgently down beat than the album, and that’s saying something. Though the animated sequences are powerful (if OTT). Each to their own, eh?

    • No apologies needed Bruce!
      I do like how this seems to be a group with nuance – it’s not all good/bad and it’s certainly not all the same. That’s probably a characteristic of the great groups – they inspire a variety of reactions

  8. One of my fave ever LPs. When I was about 12 years old I used to listen to it last thing at night because I always had far stranger dreams after it.

  9. Blargh.

    That is all,

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