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Top 5 “Thomas” Musicians

February 18, 2017


Magnificent logo by Sarca @caughtmegaming


With the Artist of the Week Series, I’m hoping to do at least a Top 5 with each Artist.

With Mr. Waits, is he the Top Musical Thomas?



5. Thomas Cochrane


4. Thomas Morello
Would be #1 on a “Top Thomas Guitar Tones” list


3. Thomas Waits
Though there’s no Thomas quite like him.


2. Thomas Petty
Heartbreakingly in the #2 spot for the second week in a row!


1. Thomas Yorke
Every Thom in its right place.


Verbalize the Positive

I appreciate that my friend Thomas is one of those friends that I may only see once a year but it’s back to business as usual every time!

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  1. Another Thomas with a unique voice is David Thomas from Pere Ubu.

    • I’d probably go with:
      Tom Waits
      Thom Yorke
      Tom Verlaine
      Tom Petty
      David Thomas

      • I’ve only heard Marquee Moon – but if that’s a good indication of the rest of his work, Verlaine might have to move onto my list!

      • I think it’s his high point that he never matched again. But it’s a great high point.

    • He’s new to me – but Modern Dance is on the 1001, so I’ll hear Pere Ubu soon enough!

  2. Perhaps for another, longer, ‘Tom’ list – a Tome? – we might have Toms Jones, Lehrer, and Paxton; then there are Jazzers Scott, Coster, and of course Dorsey.
    I have a soft spot for a couple of albums by Mike Oldfield Producer Tom Newman, too.
    And at the party, music will be of course provided by… the Tom Tom Club.

    • My Great-Aunt would fully approve of your choice of Mr. Dorsey Bruce!
      The Tom Tom Club make an appearance on the 1001, I look forward to both that album…and their appearance at the aforementioned party!

  3. Ooh, tough deciding no.1 between Petty and Yorke, or Waits for that matter. Kudos to you Geoff (Is it possible to have top 5 musical Geoffs?)for being brave!

    • Haha, I know of a couple Geoffs in the business, right now it would be a top 2 (Emerick and Tate!)
      Thanks Amrita!

      • Can we include alternative spellings and real names? Because that would include Joey Ramone (Jeff Hyman).

        Have you ever seen The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson? Because that had a robot skeleton called Geoff Peterson. Who is one of my favourite robot skeletons. And one of my favourite Geoffs.

      • Now a Top 5 Robot Skeletons would make for an intriguing list too!

  4. What about that deaf, dumb and blind kid though?

  5. Thomas Richard “Tommy” Bolin!!

  6. Really enjoyed this. Thomas Cochrane is pretty underrated.

    • Thanks Mike – heard Boy inside the man on the radio recently, was reminded how much I enjoyed Cochrane!

      • That whole album, the self titled Tom Cochrane and Red Rider, is awesome. (So is the Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider.) If you ever do a “top 5 Ken” musicians please consider including Kenny Greer!

      • He should be a contender on such a list Mike!

      • Kind of like Keith Scott — he’s just ALWAYS been there!

  7. No Tommy Thayer from KIss?? So surprised!!😂

  8. Thomas Dolby! One of my favorite experimental synth poppers.

    • I didn’t recognize the name at first – but then upon a google search, I definitely recognize the name ‘she blinded me with science!’

      • I love his first couple of albums and as you know I have a penchant for synthpop anyway

  9. I would toss in now Tom Keifer! He can write songs just listen to Heartbreak Station(album) and Still Climbing. Plus now thats he solo he could qualify for the Tom List!
    Plus he puts on a great live show!

  10. Thank you for including Tom Morello. Often overlooked. A great guitarist.

    There are a few I would have added already in the comments.

    I would add in Araya, Lee, Hunter, Chong, Shaw, Tutone, Glaser, Ramone.

    • Thanks Brian – I haven’t got to ‘reign of blood’ yet (on the 1001), so I’ll become more acquainted with Araya soon!

  11. Does Ian Thomas count?

    • I’d say so – as long as it’s the 6-letter sequence of t-h-o-m-a-s. And based on his performance of the 12 days of Christmas, Dave Thomas would also be eligible!

  12. I would say Rob Thomas but I’m just about to eat.


  13. That’s a stellar top 5!

    I’dd add Tom Araya (SLAYER!), Tom Verlaine (Television), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Tommy Shaw (Styx), and for the jazzheads, Tommy Dorsey.

    • My Great Aunt would be thrilled to see Dorsey make the cut – maybe somewhat less familiar with the others though!

  14. The Tom-Tom Club?

  15. Tom Verlaine would make my list. Obviously Tom Waits would be #1, though.

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