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Elvis Costello and The Attractions – Blood & Chocolate (1986)

February 8, 2017


Spectacular Logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming


[Album 512/1001]

So, what do you think of Napoleon Dynamite (the 2004 film)?

Reviews on average seem to be, well, pretty average (6.9/10 on imdb, 71% on Rotten Tomatoes).

But this one of those cases where averages can be misleading.

If you put one foot in one bucket of 50º Fahrenheit water and the other in a bucket of 90º Fahrenheit water, the average temperature is a comfortable 70º, it just doesn’t feel that way!

And I imagine the individual reviews of Napoleon Dynamite are similarly hot & cold, either it was a masterpiece or a piece of …something else entirely.



So, what do you think of Napoleon Dynamite (the nickname used by Elvis Costello on 1986’s Blood and Chocolate)?

If I used the imdb scale, I’d bump this Napoleon Dynamite up a few decimal points to maybe a 7.6/10, or an equivalent 76% using the Rotten Tomatoes percentage220px-bloodandcho measurement.

A score that, I suppose, could be considered pretty average.

Not an extreme hot/extreme cold scenario, where some tunes are amazing and others are unlistenable.

More just overall, well, average.

And that’s OK!

It’s mathematically impossible for everything to be above average.

Besides, ask any parent what word they love to hear during a pregnancy?

Average. That means everything is just fine with their baby.

Just as it is here.

So don’t feel too bad for Poor Napoleon.


Verbalize the Positive

I appreciate when people are self-deprecating & modest.

Which means I quite enjoy fellow blogger Kid Slender’s “about” page, with the welcome to readers line, “For reasons best known to yourself you have arrived at the blog of Kid Slender…”

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the plug. I’d forgotten I wrote that. After years of treating Elvis rather like wallpaper, I did thoroughly enjoy his album “Wise Up Ghost” recorded with The Roots a few years back. One of those odd musicsl combinations that shouldn’t work but does.

    • My pleasure!
      And I haven’t heard that one – sounds promising, I like those ones that shouldn’t work but do anyways!

  2. I had no idea RE: the origin of the name Napoleon Dynamite. (5/5 star movie!)

    • Though I gather the director says it was unintentional – I agree with the 5 star assessment!
      Though some may award it that other Sarca logo on your site 🙂

      • Yeah I know a few who didn’t like it. To them I say:

        Take a look at what I’m wearing, people. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys?

        You think anybody thinks I’m a failure because I go home to Starla at night?

        Forget about it!

      • Break the wrist, walk away!

      • Gimme some of your tots!

  3. Napoleon Dynamite is a 4/5 for me. Well, it was at the time… good chance such a score would drop if I saw it again now. Perhaps.

    As for the Elvis album, you appear a tough man to please if you consider a 7.6 to be average! I would consider a 7.6 to be within the good to very good range! Interesting how we each interpret scores on a 1 to 10 scale, eh?

    • I think it’s from teaching that I find it average!
      A mark in the 70s in Ontario is called “The Provincial Standard” – meaning you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, nothing more or less.
      So a score of 7.6 means you’re writing good tunes (what you’re supposed to do), nothing more or less than good!

      • “So a score of 7.6 means you’re writing good tunes (what you’re supposed to do), nothing more or less than good”. A good way of looking at it.

  4. I think you pitched it just about right….lukewarm

    • Thanks Geoff – EC’s a tricky one, as I haven’t disliked anything yet, but I haven’t necessarily adored anything yet either!

  5. Another one I haven’t ever heard. But if it made the list, it can’t be all that bad!

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