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Top 5 Everything OR the Girl

February 3, 2017


Everything ‘Bout the Logo by Sarca @caughtmegaming


In addition to being among the chattiest band names on the 1001 list, the idea of ‘Everything But The Girl’ as a one-or-the-other/this-but-not-that offer also represents a curious dichotomic choice.

If you had to choose between these options, would you take Everything OR the Girl?

Here are 5 bands, each with a song title containing “Everything” and each with another song title containing “Girl.”

Based on the head-to-head battle results of each group’s “Everything” song vs. “Girl” song, I’m hoping to finally be able to conclusively answer the great band name riddle:

Would I take the Girl? Or Everything But?


5. Everclear, EVERYTHING to Everyone vs. Heroin GIRL
Both have memorable lines but 22 years later, Heroin Girl‘s “Just another overdose” hasn’t lost any of its potency.
I choose: The Girl
Girl 1, Everything 0


4. The Temptations, You’re My EVERYTHING vs. My GIRL
Well, I guess you’ll say…most likely the same thing as me, the echoing “my girl” backup vocals are tough to top.
I choose: The Girl
Girl 2, Everything 0


3. The Wallflowers, EVERYTHING I Need vs. Be Your Own GIRL
Though I like the sentiment “You don’t have to be his girl, You don’t have to be my girl, You can always be your own Girl,” Everything I Need is the stronger song.
I choose: Everything
Girl 2, Everything 1


2. Sloan, EVERYTHING You’ve Done Wrong vs. The Life of a Working GIRL
I choose: Everything
Girl 2, Everything 2


1. The Smiths, Money Changes EVERYTHING vs. GIRL Afraid
Though Morrissey-voice anaphylaxis sufferers would choose the instrumental Smiths track, I’m afraid, to borrow a Good Will Hunting line, I gotta go see about a Girl.
I choose: Girl
Girl 3, Everything 2


Verbalize the Positive

I appreciate that dcwo731 @ forgottenrockclassics shines a light on deserving yet underappreciated artists & artistry, like his Baby’s on Fire post in praise of Robert Fripp.

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  1. Stephan Thank you for the shout out!!!

  2. Jings. That’s a tough one. My brain is trying to sort through artists and album track lists in order to add one… Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place vs A Wolf At The Door (It Girl. Rag Doll). Points go to everything.

    • Everything in its right place was the first song that came to mind for me – I forgot about the parentheses in Wolf At the Door, good call J!
      and yes, it would be a tie between those 2 beauty tracks!

      • I wasn’t sure if Wolf At The Door was a bit of a cheat!

      • It’s legit in my books – I just wish I had thought of it myself!

    • Haha I JUST TYPED THIS BELOW, and now I see you beat me to it!


  4. Was looking for Radiohead’s Everything In Its Right Place versus A Wolf At The Door (It Girl. Rag Doll). 🙂

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