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Top 5 Musical “Stevie”s

January 27, 2017


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With the Artist of the Week Series, I’m hoping to do at least a Top 5 with each Artist.

With Stevie Wonder, is he the best musical Stevie?



5. Stevie B
The Postman Song might be the 2nd best song named after a letter carrier.


4. Stevie Jackson (Belle & Sebastian)
Tigermilk & If You’re Feeling Sinister are both on the 1001 list, right where they should be.


3. Stevie Nicks
Sings the song, sounds like she’s singing. Ooo baby, ooo, said ooo.


2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
Has anyone ever uttered anything remotely critical, or even so much as a lukewarm comment about his guitar playing?


1. Stevie Wonder
…yes, he’s the Top Stevie in my books!


Verbalize the Positive

I appreciate that I’m in good company this year for the 50BookPledge with Neil @ timeweleftthisworldtoday. Even if we don’t make it to the elusive 50, Neil, let’s aim for personal bests!

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  1. fyfeopedia permalink

    I think you pretty much covered all the Stevies out there.

  2. SRV was/is a beast on the 6 string! I have a review coming up of his soon….for a guy that released Texas Flood back in 83 and could knock me off of my Metal Pedestal at the time(83) and make me take notice of this Blues Rock vibe was saying something……

  3. Even though I only discovered his stuff in the last few years, Stevie Ray Vaughan is my number one. Absolutely peerless.

    • I’ve never seen a guitar player so universally revered – but then again, I’ve never seen anyone play guitar like that!

      • Have you ever watched the Austin City Limits stuff? The second appearance is particularly good… the man is channeling something there. I was completely blown away.

      • Haven’t seen it yet – yet being the key word!

      • You wont be disappointed!

  4. I gotta go with a recent fave of mine. Stevie Young of AC/DC, just because replacing Malcolm is a very difficult task indeed.

    • He’s new to me – but I imagine he’ll make it on to a future top 5 stevies list for me too!

      • I like him. Good rock and roll player, if he can be an AC/DC, he has to be!

  5. SRV! SRV! SRV!

  6. God there are so many talented Stevie’s out there.

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