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Top 5 Musical “Brian”s

January 12, 2017


Awesome Artist of the Week logo by Sarca @caughtmegaming


With the Artist of the Week Series, I’m hoping to do at least a Top 5 with each Artist.

With Eno, is he the best musical Brian?

He’s up there at least!


5. Brian Johnson
Was fortunate to see him twice with Acca Dacca!


4. Brian Bell (=w=eezer)
Fine guitarist, underrated backup singer.


3. Brian Eno
Would not have been #3 at the start of this project.


2. Brian Wilson
Inspired the best “Brian” tribute song (Barenaked Ladies, Brian Wilson)


1. Brian May
Rock Music, it’s not Rocket Science. But it’s sometimes performed by Rocket Scientists! How many lead guitarists have a PhD in Astrophysics? Or write out-of-this-world songs, like ’39, about time dilation?


Verbalize the Positive

I appreciate that James @ Keepsmealive prepares in-depth concert reviews. He’s seen a staggering number of bands and after reading his reviews, several of these bands have been added to my ‘to-see’ list!

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  1. fyfeopedia permalink

    If alternate spellings are allowed, Bryan Ferry would make my list.

  2. He might just be the No. 3 Brian but at least he can take comfort in being the No. 1 musical Eno.

  3. I expected Brian Wilson to be number 1, but if I had to pick a better band, I’d pick Queen! Also, I agree with poster above, Bryan Ferry and Brian Jones should definitely be here. Maybe as honourable mentions!

    • I ended up just sticking with Brians with an “i” – or as you might have suspected Amrita, Mr. Adams would be making an appearance too 😀

      • That would have been a controversial choice! Maybe not in Canada. There’s also a song called “Brian” by Arctic Monkeys. I like this idea, though. I can already think of 3 Joans (Joni Mitchell, Jett, Armatrading).

      • And Mitchell & Armatrading have records on the 1001, no Jett alas – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad I suppose!

      • How can Jett not be on the 1001?! I guess she’s more of a singles artist to the powers that dictate rock and roll history.
        Another Joan to add to the list- Baez. One more and you have a top 5!

      • And Baez has a self-titled album on the list – alas no Joan Osborne albums on there, but that would at least round us up to the requisite 5!

      • I’m sorry, I looked it up and that song is actually called “Brianstorm”, not just “Brian”.

      • Still has the 5-letter sequence b-r-i-a-n!

      • Yeah, and “storm” is mentioned only once, whereas Brian is addressed several times from the start.

  4. mentions? I meant.

  5. Zack permalink

    No Brian Jones? Awful.
    And I’m not sure if this would have changed the list at all but Marilyn Manson’s real name is Brian Warner. I always wondered how he signs his checks.

  6. Brian Wilson’s [Expletive Deleted]!

    • I presume you’re referring to the BNL song – otherwise I might have to take you up on that offer of pistols at dawn!

    • Boo!!!

    • ^

      Brian Wilson’s (f*cking awesome).

      Ok. Got it. One vote yes from you then.

      • Nope the correct answer was ‘a bit pants’. Sorry you don’t go through to play for tonight’s star prize.

      • Sweet. I purposely flunked out so I could get the booby prize.

  7. Brian Setzer man mashed up Rockabilly and Big Band and I love the dudes Playing especially with The Stray Cats! So clean yet powerful…..
    Too Hip Gotta Go!

  8. Think Mr. Wilson would be my number one Brian. Mr. Jones would be there, too… no space for that Johnson chap, I’m afraid.

    • Understandable – I’m not so emotionally invested in Johnson, so I don’t need to challenge you to a duel!

  9. Any chance of a top 10 including a certain chap from Ontario? He plays a pretty mean air guitar.


  10. Nice list of Brians! A lot of talent for such a common name. Hope I’ve not just insulted Brians… Lol : )

    • Haha, I once received a compliment, “those shoes are the coolest thing you’re wearing”- I was initally flattered before, hey, wait a second!
      So Brians, I can relate!

  11. Can’t forget The Damned’s Brian James.

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