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Brian Eno – Another Green World (1975)

January 11, 2017


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[Album 503/1001]

I’d like to propose a new Brian Eno theory: He’s simply in another world when it comes to album enjoyment.

Though the theory may be lacking in research and reek of narrative convenience, there are graphs!



Best radio song of the last few years? I’d have a tough time choosing anything other than Uptown Funk.

There are many reasons why I believe this song works, as it even inspired another of my questionable theories (The Uptown Funk 70/30 Principle), but I anticipate that the song’s consistent appeal will be its greatest legacy.

For me, I’ve heard the tune dozens of times, and my enjoyment hasn’t wavered.

Which sadly can’t be said for every song…




…like that novelty song that is cute/funny/catchy at first. Then gets a bit old. Then quickly becomes irritating, eventually leading to listener rage upon hearing the first few notes.

That song where the sound of styrofoam being rubbed together has since become preferable.

I’ll let you fill in the blank on the graph!

Finally, there’s Brian Eno…




…and Brian Eno does not fit either of the first two graphs, not even a little bit.

Few would call Another Green World instantly accessible.

Fewer still would lump it in with __________ (whatever novelty song you chose above).

However, I imagine I’m not alone in thinking that this Eno record was OK at first, before gradually watching my enthusiasm grow with each subsequent listen.220px-another_green_world

Now some features, like the Robert Fripp “restrained lead guitar” (incidentally, what an instrument credit!) on I’ll Come Running, were immediately appealing.

But it’s those details I missed on the first run through, the layers that slowly started to reveal themselves, that made me look forward to the next immersion in Another Green World.

I’m currently on about my 5th listen and it feels like there still much to be discovered.

If I give it a 6th spin, would the trend continue?

Eventually, mathematically, the graph would have to level off (unless Brian Eno is one of those star athletes implausibly capable of giving 110%).

But I don’t think my enjoyment as a listener would flatten out just yet.

And that’s probably a tell-tale sign of a durable record.


Verbalize the Positive

I appreciate the many fine features that Rich @ Kamertunes has put together over the years, especially his compilation or catalogue series. I’m guessing Eno may be among those catalogue-worthy artists!

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  1. Oh man, I love Another Green World, but yeah I agree with you that there is just something about it that gradually reveals itself on repeated listens. And there’s nothing like the Robert Fripp guest feature. Sometimes better than his work with King Crimson!

    • I’ve only explored ‘in the court’ so far – but I was quite impressed with Fripp’s work there and on his Bowie appearances too.
      I seem to really end up liking these albums that are growers – thanks for commenting colinsreview!

  2. This is my favourite solo Eno album (as it is for many others too).

    Hope the upwards curve continues, Geoff.

  3. “Restrained Lead Guitar” that is just simply Brilliant!
    Yngwie J Malmsteen would never enrol in that school of Guitar Playing!
    Nice one!

    • Robert Fripp seems to be a great example of just because you ‘can’ doesn’t ‘mean’ you should – like Larry Robinson in the 70s, he ‘could’ fight anyone in the league, but realized he didn’t need to and won a bunch of Norris trophies instead!

  4. fyfeopedia permalink

    Fripp and Eno are like musicians who could have been University Professors.

  5. WHat I love about art-rock artists like Eno is that there is so much depth. You couldn’t hope to “get it” on one listen. They challenge themselves as artists. And us as listeners!

    • I definitely didn’t ‘get it’ at first – but I’m enjoying the challenge of Eno listening!

      • Don’t quote me on this but I believe studies show that challenging yourself with music like this encourages all sorts of good brain stuff.

  6. I’m a big fan of the albums that have layers of sonic textures under and over layers of, eh, sonic textures. Undoubtedly the most rewarding albums…

  7. Another one I haven’t yet heard, but I do appreciate grower albums. Good on ya, Geoff!

    • In the last 500 albums, I think a good 70% are going to be new to me – hoping for plenty more growers!

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