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Artist of the Week: Quiz #1

January 8, 2017


Awesome Artist of the Week logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming


My thanks to all of yesterday’s “Artist of the Week Practice Quiz” participants.

Congrats to all those who correctly identified The Tragically Hip.

Here are the results (as of 10:36 p.m. EST on Saturday, January 7th):




A six-way tie for first? Unprecedented!

Ready for the real thing?

Let’s begin!


Quiz Rules/Format
(feel free to skip to the quiz if you know the rules already)

Your Task: Name the mystery Artist, ideally with as few clues as possible.

Correctly guess the artist on the first clue? 500 points.

After scrolling down to the second clue? 400 points.

Still don’t know after the fifth clue? 0 points, but a crisp high-five for participating.

I’ll use google translate to put the correct answer at the bottom in Arabic (if you read Arabic, that’s fantastic, but no cheating by reading ahead!) and you can translate it back to the language of your choice to confirm your answer.

In the comments, please enter your POINTS earned (not the artist name) and I’ll keep track of the running totals in a spreadsheet.

In addition to eternal bragging rights, the winner at the end of the year may even get something as prestigious as a digital certificate.

Here goes!


Artist of the Week #1
Record POINTS Earned (Not Artist Name) in the comments
(scroll down for additional clues)


500 points…………………Born May 15, in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England






400 points……………… a “musician, composer, record producer, singer, writer, and visual artist.”






300 points…………………Recorded 2 albums with Roxy Music.






200 points………………….Has recorded 26 of his own studio albums.






100 points………………..His initals are B____ E____.






Answer: براين إينو
(Please post your points earned in the comments section)

Thanks for playing!


Verbalize the Positive

I appreciate tangerinetrees99‘s website motto of “All You Need is the Beatles.” It’s also nice to see Aladdin Sane on the site banner and to see lots of stellar groups like The Cure make it onto the favourites list!


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  1. fyfeopedia permalink

    300. A little embarrassing as I’m currently working through his discography on my blog.

  2. Thank you so much for the compliments!! I’m very glad you enjoy my selections (and that you like my little Aladdin Sane drawing!)! 🙂

  3. P.S. this series is awesome. Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Tuff one Geoff ….I slid down the ladder to 100 points…..
    This is a great idea like that old board game Rock Trivia that came out back in 1990…

    • But you’re still on the board Deke – and there’s a few weeks on the schedule this year that I know you’ll hit 500 points before you even finish reading the first clue!

      • Haha…no worries……felt like i was back in Grade 12 Math again….!

  5. 100… boo….

  6. It’s a 100 pointer for Jim. Boo!

    Still, I like this series. Good work!

    • I anticipate plenty of 500 pointers from you as the year goes on J, not to worry!

      • That’s a suitable, and timely, confidence booster, Geoff.

      • There’s an artist coming up – that I’m pretty sure you’re not a fan of – but I think you’ll still guess it right away!

      • Can I guess now? Is there bonus points for that?

      • It feels like there should be bonus points for the guess in advance!

  7. Zack permalink

    Rats, only got 100 today.

  8. 300 points. Bit angry at myself, because I usually know fellow Taureans! Was going in a different direction with the may 15, ‘musician’ first, singer and visual artist later (in a windmilling whovian way, if I may be cryptically geekish myself) but Suffolk made it doubtful. Are the tags above, Bowie, Beatles et al supposed to lead to clues? Anyway, I’m glad I got it at Roxy Music (would have been mortified if I didn’t).

    I am actually enjoying this, Geoff. Thanks for coming up with this series!

    • I suppose the tags were red herrings – although I’m sure there’s a ‘six degrees of separation’ between Bowie/Beatles/mystery artist, the tags are there based on the verbalize the positive at the bottom.
      And slight self-anger aside, 300 is a fine score, thanks Amrita!

      • Degrees would be lower with one of the ‘B’ artists there, wouldn’t it. I’d be surprised if anybody apart from a super fan is able to guess from date of birth and place of birth. It’s a tough quiz!

      • It was a bit mean of the organizer to have such a tough one right at the start!

      • By tough do you mean the artist or the first clue? I generally do know, more or less, the age and place of origin of most musicians I’m interested in. I guess it’s my own lack of knowledge for knowing this artist more in collaboration than solo. If you’d given a sample ‘inspired by’ bit of music, even if that would be hard to do, I’m sure I’d have got it!

      • More the first clue – it’s interesting, he’s an artist I knew the name but little else a few years ago. Amazing how many collaborations he’s been involved with!

      • Btw, will this quiz be up everyday? I’ll be looking forward to it then.

      • The plan is for a new quiz Every Sunday in 2017!

      • Drat! Though its almost like looking forward to a quiz programme we used to have on Sundays in the 90s. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a bit of a closet quiz enthusiast! And if it’s about pop music, even better!

      • I’m a huge trivia fan too, especially when music’s involved!

  9. 300. That was tough but not impossible! Great artist.

    • I didn’t used to think the mystery artist was so great – but I’ve changed my tune, nice work Mike!

  10. Boourns…200. 😔

  11. 300 points for me – I should have gotten it sooner, that person is one of my favourite artists!!

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