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Best Albums/Songs of Year 5

January 6, 2017


I started the 1001albumsin10years project on December 1st, 2011.

Back on November 30, 2016 (last year, apparently!), I hit the exact midpoint, the 500.5/1001 album mark.

Which means this fiscal-year-in-review post is over a month late: does that still qualify as fashionably unpunctual?

Here’s the ‘best-of’ from the 1001 albums book, by decade, from my 5th year of blogging.



The progress thus far:

# of albums Completed so far Completed %
23 18 78.3%
151 67 44.4%
279 118 42.3%
210 94 44.8%
239 140 58.6%
99 64 64.6%
1001 500.5 50.0%

As was the case for my firstsecondthird, and fourth year-in-review posts, the annual summary of my favourites from the past year.

The Top Songs & Albums of Year 5:

1950s (I only reviewed 1 album, so it’s a clean sweep for Marty!):
Album – Marty Robbins, Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs (1959)
Song – Marty Robbins, Big Iron (1959)

Album – Leonard Cohen, Songs of Leonard Cohen (1968)
Song – The Byrds, My Back Pages (1967)

Album – Elton John, Madman Across the Water (1971)
Song – Rush, 2112 (1976)

Album – Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden (1980)
Song – Abba, Slipping Through My Fingers (1981)

Album – Aimee Mann, Whatever (1993)
Song – Liz Phair, Fuck and Run (1993)

Album – Björk, Medúlla (2004)
Song – Bebel Gilberto, Samba e Amor (2000)


My vision for the new year?

A new weekly series, “Artist of the Week.”

The goal is to explore 50 artists over the next 50 weeks, spending a week with each artist, with plenty of Top 5s/Polls/Quizzes along the way.

And of course, each post will feature an “Artist of the Week” logo by Sarca (*Spoiler Alert* – it’s another gem!),

Thank you all for being a part of this journey!


Verbalize the Positive

I enjoy that Geoff @ The Hackskeptic’s View has heaps of great series on the go, including being up to #220 on his 500 Greatest Songs Countdown. It’s also been a pleasure meeting a fellow 1001 albums reviewer named Geoff!

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  1. Looking forward to 2017 at the 1001!

    • Cheers Mike!

    • Oh, and there will definitely be a Deep Purple week at some point, I plan on sending people to you for more Deep Purple information!

      • Very cool man, and by all means if you want a quote or two from this old man, I’d be dying to help. I’m so passionate about that band’s entire discography.

      • We’ll be in touch, I’m thinking sometime in Feb/March!

  2. To quote Bill and Ted..
    ‘Put The in The Iron Maiden!”

    Very diverse list Geoff. Enjoy the reads as always. Look forward to your Purple week as well……

    • Much appreciated Deke – and Keanu quotes are always welcome around here!

      • Still remember seeing it in the Theatre and that line was used in the TV commercial for the Movie…

  3. Favourite album Iron Maiden, favourite songs… ABBA?! Hahaha that’s some diverse listening right there! Looking forward to more 1001 in 2017 and the artist week sounds like a great idea too.

  4. Happy 500.5 Geoff! ‘Big Iron’ all the way for me out of your favourites, I love that track!

    • Thanks Joe – I recall you challening me to pistols at dawn once (I either said something nice about Abba or disparaging about ACDC) – now that I hear you’re a Big Iron fan, I’m reluctant to accept your challenge!

      • It’s about a gun?! I thought he was bragging about the size of Downstairs Marty ….

      • He did say he’s “here to do some business” – my goodness, Marty!

  5. Man, you’re gonna ROCK 2017 with all of that content = super-cool ideas! BRING IT!

  6. Keep those graphs coming!

  7. An eclectic list of favourites there, Geoff! Particularly the 80s choices!

    Looking forward to whatever you throw at us this year!

    • Thanks J – after a leisurely December, I’m hoping to do 100 reviews over the next 11 months to get back on pace for the 2021 deadline!

      • That’s quite a goal. I would imagine quite a daunting one, actually?

        I’ll be cheering you on, of course!

      • A daunting one yes – but the cheering helps!

  8. Belated congratulations Geoff. And when you finally reach 1001 I’m flying up to your hometown to deliver a well deserved prize.

    • Cheers Geoff – there’s probably some good flight deals if you book now, or 5 years in advance!

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