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Other People’s Problems — Another Bad Conversation

November 11, 2016


Unbelievable USA logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming


This week, as I’m sure many of you can relate, I’ve been trying to find messages of hope/faith/love.

This morning, I read a wonderful piece about empathy, courtesy of one of my blogging friends in the USA, sourgirlohio.

Since I’m currently visiting the USA musically (and the series name, after all, is “Greetings from The USA”), I was important to me to add such an articulate & compassionate American voice to my journey.

Please click on the link below to read her post; thank you for writing this sourgirl.


I’ve been absent for a while. But my heart has been heavy and I there’s something I’d like to put out there concerning the election. Please reach into your heart and find empathy there. Find compassion there. Remember that your perspective is not the only one. The push to simply accept what has happened and […]

via Other People’s Problems — Another Bad Conversation

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  1. Thank you so very much for sharing my little plea for compassion. I do appreciate that, sir.

    • Thank you for writing it – it’s a message that ought to be heard.

      I think we have a lot of overlap in friends that read our blogs, but every additional person that reads about empathy (or reads about it twice) helps 🙂

  2. Empathy is the best response to what will come next in the US, and the only real way forward. Hooboy. Good luck, everyone.

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