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Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2016

The reasons for today’s post are threefold!


1. So long, South America

With a new month on the horizon, I’ll say goodbye/”tchau” to South America. I’ve quite enjoyed hearing some albums that I otherwise might not have encountered and of course, I was thrilled to have another stellar Sarca logo leading off each review.

To borrow the Christian-Slater-in-the-1988-movie-Heathers-line, I’ll say “Greetings & Salutations” to the final stop on this year’s World Musical Tour: The United States of America. 22 reviews if all goes according to plan.



2. Film [Soundtrack] Festival @ Vinyl Connection

My blogging friend Bruce is hosting a Soundtrack Series over the next two weeks. Lots of talented bloggers are participating, check it out @ vinylconnection!



3. C’est L’Halloween, C’est L’Halloween, Hey!

Finally, I had the privilege of singing the above song with my daughter at my school’s Coffeehouse last week. If you took any French courses while growing up in Canada, you already know it well.

Happy Halloween from the Stephens!


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  1. Magic! Happy Halloween!

    Looking forward to reading about your US trip; I’ve fair enjoyed the series…

    See you at Bruce’s place for theFilm Festival!

    • Cheers J! It’s pretty cool being able to sing with your kid – I look forward to the young man making a cameo on a Jim Dead CD soon!

  2. OMG I remember that song! Haha that’s awesome. That’s great singing! I see a future father/daughter duo hitting the road on tour. Well done!

    I’m looking forward to the soundtrack series too!

    Full thumbs up for your south america series. Well done all around Geoff!

    • Much appreciated Aaron!
      This soundtrack series should be a lot of fun – hope the trick or treating goes well tomorrow in your neck of the woods!

      • The kids are excited to go out, and it looks like we’re gonna have a nice enough night for it! Have fun on Halloween in King’s Town!

  3. Great stuff as always Geoff! You and Holly are gonna be Youtube Sensations!

    • Thanks Deke!
      Can you guess which one teaches French sometimes? Hint: it’s not the one with the best accent!

      • Yup! I live in house where my wife and three daughters all speak French! My daughters took French Immersion throughout Grade and High School! I speak Thunder Bayian! hahaha

      • T-Bayian, one of my favourite regional dialects!

      • HAHAHAHA!

  4. Happy Halloween! Awesome performance too… can I request you both do a version of the Misfits’ Halloween next year?

    • Much appreciated HMO – just checked the lyrics, I’d say we can sing the “I remember Halloween” line and very little else!

      • Translate it into French! No one will ever know…

      • I actually thought about that when I was listening to those South American albums – here I am saying how pleasant the vocals are, unaware that in Portuguese they could be saying some less than pleasant things!

      • My favourite South American band Sarcofago, have some pretty unpleasant (and hilarious) lyrics… I won’t repeat any here as this is a family site.

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