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Caetano Veloso – Caetano Veloso (1968)

October 12, 2016

south-americaSuper Awesome South America logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

Made in South America Artist #1: Astrud Gilberto
Made in South America Artist #2: Bebel Gilberto
Made in South America Artist #3Elis Regina
Made in South America Artist #4Sepultura
Made in South America Artist #5: Astor Piazzolla
Made in South America Artist #6: Caetano Veloso


[Album 477/1001]

Last week, I prepared ‘early reports’ for my students.

It’s a curious form of communication, given that it is so early in the semester, there’s not a great deal to say.

If the student is excelling, it won’t be altogether surprising for anyone involved. If the student is not off to a good start, well, this isn’t the format to reveal that surprise, the conversation(s) should have happened already.

But ask any teacher, they won’t have much difficulty preparing such early report cards for the students at the extremes. Instead, it’s for that student somewhere in between, the student that is doing well enough, is engaged enough, but is not really racing ahead or falling behind that represents the hardest type of report card to complete.


As you might have guessed, Caetano Veloso fits into that feedback-tricky middle category.220px-caetano_veloso_1968

If I can provide some teacher-y comments:

With his eponymous debut, Caetano demonstrates his creativity through a diverse mix of melodies. He also appears to work well with others through his collaborations with a variety of songwriters. Finally, I appreciate his self-criticism of this album as, “amateurish and confused,” such self-deprecation (regardless of otherwise seemingly universal critical acclaim) is admirable.

Parent/Teacher night will be this Thursday, appointments can be scheduled at

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  1. I like that cover, but he looks a bit sinister, eh? Does he give off sinister vibes?

    • He may have – I’m often distracted though by the Brazilian rhythms so any sinister tones here sailed over me. But looking at that cover more closely, he does not seem terribly pleased to be photographed!

      • Perhaps the photographer met a grizzly end!

  2. Great South America logo. The best so far. By the way, are there any Indian albums in the 1001?

    I read a study once that said mediocre students turned out to have the most interesting, creative careers. I think of the remarks I used to get in my report cards( though I’m yet to have an interesting career!) – ‘Can do better’ and ‘Aim higher’ and apply it to albums that fit that description and think – maybe it isn’t a definitive work of genius, but its flaws and potential give it an air of mystery, makes you wonder how the next album will be. You almost like it more because it isn’t too good.

    • Logo courtesy of the incomparable Sarca!
      Thanks Amrita, there are a few albums from India, I have a Ravi Shankar LP from the list, Sounds of India, that I’m excited to explore at some point before 2021!
      Great point about the potential in a flawed record – I was thinking something similar about Radiohead’s debut the other day: not quite brilliant, but you could tell something special was on the way

      • I hope there’s some Indian pop too. It often gets overlooked even here because of the emphasis on classical and the impact of film music (not just Bollywood).

        I actually used to listen to that album a lot years ago. If that’s mediocre, a lot of people have to really step up their game!

  3. It’s good to get Teacher-y sometimes Geoff to push the point across or in my case Yammer!
    As always …Great post!

    • Many thanks Deke – I guess you can take the blogger out of the teacher but you can’t take the teacher out of the blogger!

  4. Ha, I really like this idea of reviewing via ‘teacher’s comments’

    • Thanks J – I was in teacher mode last week for the report cards, thought I’d stay in it briefly for the blog too!

  5. It is indeed Sarca’s best graphic yet from this series. If you’re reading this, well done (again)!

    You know, every post you do…I am stunned that it is an original way to look at an album just about every time. And I get what you mean. Maybe on my numeric scale, it would be around a 3/5.

    But again, well done. You are a hell of a creative writer, and to quote Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, we’re not worthy!

    • Very much appreciated Mike – thanks for the kind words. And perhaps the greatest compliment of all, to be included in the same sentence as my beloved Wayne’s World!

      • Had to do it for you buddy 🙂

        And if you didn’t see my email yet, THANK YOU for the video. I’ll be putting it up soon so the family can see it.

      • My pleasure! I dug out my ’94 playoff tapes last night – I had most of game 3 and then the Canada/Finland World Championship shootout, a bit of overtime from the Van/Dallas game and then I was delighted when Ron McLean started narrating the return to the San Jose feed!

  6. Great post Mr!

    I’m not a big fan of latin music in general, but I liked the madcap creativity in this one.

    • My thanks Joe!
      I find I’ll always applaud creativity in an artist, even if I’m not a huge fan, I like when acts avoid treading water

  7. Me and Caetano Veloso, getting fair-to-middling report cards!

    Haha I would love it if you would actually link your blog for booking appointments. Our Readers would be full of parents’ comments on your blog saying, “Um, hello? Is that you?” AWESOME.

    • But at least you guys both still pass the courses!
      Cheers Aaron, inevitably at the actual parent/teacher night last night the conversations sometimes drifted into music – nobody brought up Caetano alas!

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