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Nordic Countries: Hockey Players & Essential Albums

September 17, 2016

Nifty Nordic Logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

The 2016 World Cup of Hockey begins today.

4 of the 5 Nordic Countries will be represented, with Sweden & Finland icing full teams, and 4 Danes & 1 Norwegian player suiting up for Team Europe.

As an avid hockey & music fan, not to mention being a statistical enthusiast, inevitably I got to thinking: is there any sort of statistical correlation between hockey & music ability?

The results of my intensive/hastily assembled research are below.

Thank you to the Nordic Countries for all the music/hockey/statistics, I’ll be off to a new destination next week, enjoy!








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  1. Hockey? Check.
    Tunes? Check.
    Graphs and statistical geekery awesomeness? Check.

    I approve of this post.

  2. Well done dude! Your a Wizard with the graphs my friend! I’m hoping Team North America wins it all…

    • Much appreciated Deke!
      I’m hoping for a Canada/North America final – Canada looked pretty impressive tonight!

  3. There’s gotta be a PhD thesis in this one.

  4. Hey Geoff!!

    I enjoyed this one so I tried to print it out for my wife. That’s when I realized the printer was broken!

    So thanks for letting us know about the broken printer. I got a new Canon for $50. (Sale at Best Buy, and Walmart price-matched.)

    Great post and helpful too!

    • Always glad to help identify printer issues Mike (I’m less effective at identifying printer solutions)!
      Now the question is, with leafs prospect Austin Matthews playing for North America, who will Jen be cheering for?!

      • Easy question Geoff: NOBODY. She hates the idea of the World Cup of Hockey. She says there is only one world cup of hockey, and it’s Lord Stanley’s cup. She believes that any injuries sustained during the World Cup of Hockey will be detrimental to the NHL, and the trophy is worthless because it’s just a made up trophy that nobody’s heard of. I agree with her! Mostly because I want to watch Survivorman.

      • Fair enough – James Duthie put the World Cup of Hockey in perspective for me, it’s like a Michael Bay movie: entertaining, but it means nothing!

      • I think Phil Kessel thinks it means something! I loved his comment.

        I understand that the hockey has been good to watch, but who wants Sid to get hurt off season? Nobody!

  5. Oh yeah! I have some work to do! 😉

  6. I’m just wondering? How many Canadians are in the book. I bet there’s a lot!

    • I’m sure my Canuck friends would agree, there aren’t as many in the book as there ought to be!
      But the ones that are listed, appear several times – there’s a bunch of Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, and Joni Mitchell among others

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